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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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CookieScript is a consent management and cookie management software that helps publishers to stay compliant with GDPR and CCPA. CookieScipt helps publishers build trust with their audience and avoid heavy fines by helping them stay compliant with GDPR and CCPA. It also enables publishers to give their audience the chance to opt out of being contacted. Using CookieScript, publishers can achieve a lot, including cookie consent management, thereby gaining informed users. 

CookieScript is an easy-to-use solution that helps comply withall cookie regulations. You can scan your website cookies and let visitors control their privacy.

CookieScript Products

  • Privacy Policy Generator- It is a tool that allows website owners to generate a privacy policy for their website that is compliant with applicable laws and regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.
  • Cookie Scanner- This tool scans a website to identify the cookies that are being used on the website and provides information about the purpose, duration, and other relevant details of each cookie. 
  • GEO-targeting server- It is a tool that allows website owners to deliver customized content to users based on their location.
  • User Consent Logging- This tool allows website owners to track user consent to data processing activities.
  • Cookie Banner: User-friendly and customized cookie consent pop-up.
  • Cookie Control: CookieScript blocks first- and third-party cookies according to the user's preferences
  • Consent Manager: This tool records and stores your website users' Cookie COnsents. 
  • Script Manager: All third-party scripts can be controlled directly from the CookieScript dashboard.

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CookieScript Features and Capabilities

  • Regulation Compliance: CookieScript ensures compliance with various regulations such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (California), PIPEDA (Canada), LGPD (Brasil), KVKK (Turkey), and POPIA (South Africa).
  • User consent recording: With CookieScript, you can keep a record of user consent for legal compliance.
  • Third-party cookie blocking: Block third-party cookies to protect user privacy.
  • Geo-targeting: Display cookie banners based on user location to comply with local laws.
  • Self-hosted code: With CookieScript, you can use a self-hosted script for better website performance and control.
  • Google Consent Mode: Implement Google's consent mode to control ad personalization with CookieScript.
  • Automatic monthly scans: CookieScipt automatically scan your website for cookies on a monthly basis.
  • Automatic script blocking: You can automatically block non-consented scripts for enhanced privacy protection.
  • Advanced reporting: Get detailed reports on user consent and cookie usage on your website.
  • Cookie Banner sharing: Share your cookie banner with other websites.
  • IAB TCF 2.0 integration: Integrate with IAB TCF 2.0 to comply with advertising regulations.
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CookieScript Key Facts

  • CookieScript offers 34 languages to its users.
  • CookieScript is currently the only CMP that uses EU-based cloud service providers. It is also fully compliant with the new data transfer rules.
  • All CookieScript servers are located in the European Union countries, so no client data ever leaves the EU.

CookieScript Pricing

CookieScript offers a free plan with 10 pages scanned per domain and 20,000 monthly pageviews. The next plan is a Lite plan for €8/month with 100 pages scanned per domain and unlimited monthly pageviews. The third plan is a Standard plan for €15/month with automated processes and 1000 pages scanned per domain, and finally, there is a Plus plan for €19/month with all necessary features and 3000 pages scanned per domain. All plans come with a 1 year subscription period and 2 domains included.

CookieScript FAQ

CookieScript helps publishers stay compliant with various regulations such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (California), PIPEDA (Canada), LGPD (Brasil), KVKK (Turkey), and POPIA (South Africa).

No, CookieScript has fixed pricing plans. However, they do have a free plan for beginners.

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