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Advertising Disclosure

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DirectAdmin is a web control panel that provides an easy way to manage websites.With DirectAdmin, you can easily create a hosting account and manage all your websites from one place.Need a quick and easy way to manage your website? DirectAdmin provides an affordable way to customize, update, or install any program on your website. With optional upgrades such as professional support services, you can access our knowledgeable technical support team when you are stuck or need help with any problem that may arise.

Do you need to manage website hosting, domains and email accounts? DirectAdmin is an easy-to-use web control panel that provides an affordable way to manage all aspects of your website hosting. From domain registration to hosting configuration and database management, we’re here to help you get started quickly and efficiently.This product provides a web control panel that will make it very easy for you to manage your website.

DirectAdmin Features and Capabilities

  • Easy-to-use web control panel
  • Manage all aspects of your website hosting, including domain registration and email accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Web Hosting Control Panel that makes it easy to manage your web hosting account
  • Domain Registration and Management Tools
  • Email Accounts with POP3/IMAP support - Domain management
  • Web hosting control panel with one-click installation of popular applications, such as WordPress and Joomla!
  • E-mail management with IMAP/POP3 access via webmail or an email client -Web hosting solution.
  • Websites, domains and email accounts.
  • Manage your website hosting with a web control panel.
  • Manage domains, subdomains and email accounts
  • Easy Control your configuration settings
  • Create databases and manage their settings -Web Hosting
  • Simple and easy domain Registration
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DirectAdmin Key Facts

Direct Admin offers a better way to manage your server. It offers a powerful and easy to use web hosting control panel that runs servers across the world. It is programmaed to be the fastest running control panel available and avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes. 

DirectAdmin Pricing

Direct Admin offers an extraordinary system at an affordable price:

  • The Personal plan will cost you USD 2 per month.
  • The Personal plus plan will cost you USD 5 per month.
  • The Lite plan will cost you USD 15 per month.
  • The Standard plan will cost you  USD 29 per month.

DirectAdmin FAQ

You can have complete control over your server. You have full access to all of the features provided by DirectAdmin, which allow you to set up MySQL databases and manage them with ease. You can also install add-ons that will allow you to run multiple websites on a single server. DirectAdmin is a popular control panel for many web hosting providers. It’s easy to use and offers a lot of features, including domain registration and DNS management.

A domain name is the web address that people use to access your website. It’s like the telephone number for your website, and you need it to be able to set up an account with a web host provider.

Domain registration is not included in any of our plans. You can purchase it with an additional fee. You can also use your own domain name from another provider.

Yes, they support all types of website transfers, including cPanel/FTP and manual. The team will help you during the process if needed.

Yes, you can use your own domain name. They also offer free subdomains with every hosting plan.