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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Known as one of the best German hosting solutions, Hetzner offers cloud hosting at extremely low prices. Their cloud solution with unshared vCPU power is the best choice for production workloads. Other than that, they also have award-winning web hosting packages for both beginners and businesses. 

Hetzner also offers dedicated CPU plans with low latencies, ideal for high CPU and network use that makes it the best choice for severe applications and production ready use cases with high workloads. 

Quick Facts
Free Domain
Moneyback Guarantee
Malware Scaning

Hetzner Features and Capabilities

  • Offers automatic distribution of your traffic across the infrastructure and helps you scale easily
  • Allows you to assign Primary IPS to the server to establish a connection to the internet
  • Allows communication of servers through a private network and set up complex network topologies
  • Secures your infrastructure without additional costs via the stateful Firewalls
  • Offers available and reliable SSD storage for your cloud servers
  • Offers a wide variety of features at your fingertips to manage your infrastructure easily
  • Offers automatic backups and allows you to make manual backups of your servers.

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Hetzner Pricing

  • The Shared vCPU plans by Hetzner start at Euro 4.51.
  • The Dedicated plans, ideal for higher workloads, start at Euro 14.86.
  • The Web Hosting services by Hetzner start at Euro 2.09.
  • The Managed Hosting services by Hetzner start at Euro 37.96.

Hetzner FAQ

All the servers are billed until they are deleted, irrespective of their state?

The servers have a monthly price and a price per hour. The bills will not exceed the monthly price cap. If for any reason, the server is deleted before the end of the month, the customer will be billed on hourly rate.

The servers on a local storage keep the data on a local host system and provide fault- tolerance if there is a hardware defect. They are also optimized for high performance and low latency.