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Advertising Disclosure

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MochaHost is a web hosting company that provides a range of hosting services and domain registration. It was founded in 2002 and is based in the United States. MochaHost offers various hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. They also provide services such as website-building tools, SSL certificates, and email hosting.

MochaHost has gained popularity for its affordable hosting plans and reliable customer support. They claim to offer 100% uptime guarantee and provide a 180-day risk-free guarantee, allowing customers to cancel their hosting plans within the first six months and receive a full refund.

Quick Facts
Free Domain
Free Migration
99% Uptime Guarantee
Free SSL

MochaHost Products

MochaHost offers a variety of products and services to meet different hosting needs. Here are some of the key products provided by MochaHost:

  • Web Hosting: MochaHost offers shared hosting plans that provide reliable and affordable hosting for personal websites, blogs, and small businesses. Their web hosting plans come with features such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain, SSL certificate, and support for PHP and ASP.NET.
  • WordPress Hosting: MochaHost offers specialized hosting plans optimized for WordPress websites. These plans are designed to provide excellent performance, security, and scalability for WordPress sites. They include features like SSD storage, free SSL certificate, automatic WordPress installation and updates, and enhanced security measures.
  • VPS Hosting: MochaHost offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions for users who require more control and resources for their websites. Their VPS plans provide high-performance virtual servers with dedicated resources, SSD storage, root access, and the choice of Linux or Windows operating systems.
  • Java/Tomcat Hosting: MochaHost provides hosting packages specifically designed for Java and Tomcat applications. These plans offer the necessary features and resources to run Java-based websites and applications. They include support for Java, JSP, Servlets, and other Java frameworks, as well as Tomcat server deployment.

MochaHost Features and Capabilities

Here are some of the common features and capabilities you can expect from MochaHost:

  • High Performance: MochaHost emphasizes high-performance hosting solutions, utilizing technologies like SSD storage, which provides faster data access and improved website loading times.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Many of MochaHost's hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, allowing for unrestricted data transfer between your website and visitors.
  • Free Domain: MochaHost offers a free domain registration or transfer with select hosting plans, allowing you to establish a professional online presence without additional costs.
  • SSL Certificate: Security is prioritized, and MochaHost includes a free SSL certificate with their hosting packages. SSL encrypts data transmitted between your website and visitors, ensuring secure communication and building trust.
  • Website Builder: MochaHost provides an intuitive website builder tool that allows you to create and design your website without any coding knowledge. This feature is especially useful for beginners or those who want to quickly set up a professional-looking website.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) Support: MochaHost supports popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. They often provide one-click installations and optimized hosting environments for these CMSs.
  • Email Services: MochaHost offers email services with unlimited email accounts, POP3/IMAP support, and webmail access. You can create professional email addresses using your domain name.
  • eCommerce Support: If you're looking to set up an online store, MochaHost supports eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and provides features like shopping cart integration, secure payment gateways, and SSL certificates for secure transactions.

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MochaHost Key Facts

Along with Mocha Host hosting, you get a free website builder. They also offer free SSL certificate. They also offer free malware spam and other malicious activity monitoring. It is specially great for bloggers on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, BlogEngine and such. It is an an award winning company, having received numerous awards for performance, client satisfaction and recognition.

MochaHost Pricing

MochaHost offers a range of hosting services with different pricing plans. Here is an overview of their pricing and plans:

Web Hosting:

  • Pricing: Starting from $2.29 per month.
  • Features: Turbo charged, unlimited Cloud SSD-based web hosting. It includes a free domain, SSL certificate, free migration, and supports PHP and ASP.NET.

WordPress Hosting:

  • Pricing: Starting from $3.18 per month.
  • Features: Ultra-fast and secure WordPress optimized hosting. It is based on cloud and SSD architecture, includes a free SSL certificate, and offers free migration assistance.

Mocha Website Builder:

  • Pricing: Starting from $3.18 per month.
  • Features: An easy-to-use website builder to create and design your own website. It offers unlimited pages and email boxes, along with a free domain and SSL certificate.

Domain Names:

  • Pricing: Starting from $14.95 per year.
  • Features: MochaHost provides affordable domain names, including .com domains.

VPS Hosting:

  • Pricing: Starting from $8.38 per month.
  • Features: Lightning-fast Linux and Windows SSD-optimized VPS/Cloud servers. It includes a free SSL certificate and migration assistance.

Java/Tomcat Hosting:

  • Pricing: Starting from $6.27 per month.
  • Features: Feature-rich shared, private, and VPS/Cloud Tomcat hosting packages. It includes a free SSL certificate and migration assistance.

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