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Advertising Disclosure

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Redis is an open source in-memory database used for real time data storage. By using Redis to store information, you can reduce the load on your application's database or scale it up (or both) without changing your code at all. Take your application's performance to the next level by utilizing Redis Enterprise's advanced features.

If you’re using databases in your web applications, then you really need Redis. It’s an open source database that makes it a snap to create fast, scalable applications that require real-time functionality. With Redis Enterprise, it is even easier with high availability and multi-master geo replication." Redis Enterprise is built from the ground up to deliver real time applications across single machines, private and public clouds, most databases and platforms. Redis Enterprise provides a powerful, enterprise-ready Redis solution built on top of our open source Redis technology.

Query throughput, latency and other metrics available in Redis Enterprise can help you optimize your application. With its active-active multidimensional realtime database inspired by nature’s principles that uses the same structure within its memory as it does on disk.

Redis Enterprise Features and Capabilities

  • Redis Enterprise provides the following features and capabilities:
  • High Availability and Geo Replication with Redis Sentinel
  • Automatic Failover, Failback and Rollback of Master to Slave
  • Multi-master Support for Public Cloud Deployments
  • High Availability: Redis Enterprise supports high availability and geo-replication across multiple data centers.
  • Advanced Data Management: Redis Enterprise offers advanced data management capabilities, including snapshots, replication and alerts for real time monitoring.
  • High availability, multi-master geo replication with no single point of failure
  • All Redis Enterprise instances are backed by a 99.99% SLA and 24x7 support from Redis Labs.
  • Redis Enterprise provides a full set of enterprise features including backup, restore and disaster recovery in addition to an enterprise grade SLA.
  • Redis Enterprise is built on top of Redis, making it easy to integrate with existing applications.
  • Redis Enterprise provides a powerful, enterprise-ready Redis solution built on top of our open source Redis technology.
  • Redis is a blazing-fast NoSQL database that makes it easy to model and store flexible data structures such as objects, documents, and graphs.
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Redis Enterprise Key Facts

The most feature-complete, enterprise-grade Redis helps you deploy and run real-time applications with full control over your data. Redis Enterprise Software is a self-managed data platform that unlocks the full potential of Redis at enterprise scale. The speed you know and love with the compliance, reliability, and unmatched resiliency for modern enterprises.

Redis Enterprise Site Type Monetized

It offers solutions for industries in financial services, retail, gaming, and healthcare.

Redis Enterprise Pricing

Redis offers various plans for hosting other than their Free plan.

  • There is a Fixed plan for basic development and getting started for USD 7 per month.
  • The Flexible plan starts at USD 0.881 per hour for staging and production environments.
  • The Annual plan is for best value and premium services and you have to contact them for it.

Redis Enterprise FAQ

Redis is an in-memory database that is used for storing data structures and can be used as a cache. It can also be used as a message broker, which allows you to send messages from one application to another via queue. Redis has been around for years and has become popular due to its speed and simplicity.

Redis Enterprise uses the same version of Redis that is available in open source. This means that if you are running an open source instance of Redis, you can also run a Redis Enterprise instance.

Redis Enterprise is a fully supported production-grade database that is backed by a 99.99% SLA and 24x7 support from Redis Labs.

Yes, you can run the software on your own hardware.