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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Timesweb has more than 17 years of experience and already serves 700,000 websites for 200,000 clients from Russia and its neighboring countries. They offer you the best of both  price and quality and constantly monitor the market to make sure that each client gets the best for their money.

They offer trouble-free operation to guarantee website availability at 99.99% according to the SLA. They guarantee that the possible downtime would be of maximum 5 minutes per month. They offers 24/7 support. 

Quick Facts
Free Migration
99% Uptime Guarantee
Backup and Restore
Free SSL
Free Email

Timesweb Products

  • Shared hosting: Helps create and host websites of any complexity
  • VDS and VPS rental: Offers virtual servers with hourly payments
  • Dedicated servers: Allows rental of physical servers of any configuration


Timesweb Features and Capabilities

  • Has 17 years of experience and servers 700,000 websites from 200,000 clients 
  • Monitors the market to give you the best for your money
  • Offers 24/7 support 
  • Guarantees 99.99% uptime
  • Offers reliable data centers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland
  • Offers intuitive management of hosting, mail, domains and services.
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Timesweb Key Facts

  • Timesweb servers and equipements are located in its data centers in St. Peterburg.
  • They use uninterruptible power supplies with redundancy, and the sites themselves are protected by armed guards
  • There is access control and video surveillance with data storage for more than 30 days

Timesweb Pricing

  • The Shared Hosting plans starts at 196 Ruble per month
  • The VDS and VPS rental plans start at 177 Ruble per month
  • The Dedicated Servers plan starts from 4941 Ruble per month. 

Timesweb FAQ

Yes. There are two ways to transfer a registered domain: Perform a technical domain transfer Transfer domain under Timeweb management.

With hosting, a 10-day trial period is given to try the service before paying. With VDS and Dedicated servers, you get a test period of 3-5 days.

Yes. They offer several types of SSL, including certificates from RapidSSL CA, free Let’s Encrypt, and SSL with full configuration and installation.