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Yieldbird Description

A global leader in ad optimization with a solid foundation in the programmatic ecosystem is Yieldbird. With more than ten years of ad management and marketing experience, Yieldbird is a dependable programmatic partner. With the help of its seasoned pricing and ad operations professionals, distinctive demand sources, cutting-edge reporting tools, and machine learning technology, it assists more than 250 publishers in more than 40 countries with optimizing and enhancing their ad monetization. 

It stands out from the competitors due to its solid publishing background and financial acumen, having started off by offering revenue optimization services to Agora S.A., its parent company. With over 90 data scientists, analysts, developers, ad operations, yield operations, sales, and account managers working for it every day to improve publishers' businesses with its products and outsourced services, it has grown into a global firm over the years. It was recognized by Delloite as one of Central Europe's fastest-growing tech firms in 2017 and 2018.

Yieldbird Features and Capabilities

Yieldbird Payment Info

YieldBird has a $50 minimum payout requirement. Publishers receive payments within Net30 after they make payments through PayPal or bank transfers.

Yieldbird Publisher Eligibility

YieldBird has some requirements that publishers need to fulfill to signup. Publishers need to have at least 10,000 page views per month, and their site must comply with Google's ad placement and content policies for both ad operation partners.  

Yieldbird Faq

YieldBird offers access to demand from top global advertisers and media agencies.

Yes, the agreement is available.

YieldBird supports its partners in launching campaigns via AdX and takes care of troubleshooting. They also help you create a programmatic price list and provide more clients for your inventory.

Yieldbird helps medium and large publishers optimize their monetization either with their consultancy services or a combination of machine-learning, data-driven ad tech products, and incremental demand sources that increase their programmatic revenue.