9 Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences and Summits In 2024

Last Updated: January 27, 2024
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One of the most promising advertising models, affiliate marketing, needs no introduction. As of 2023, affiliate marketing is a highly successful business worth over $17 billion. By 2030, the figure can go up to $40 billion! And it takes all kinds to make things work. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned affiliate, you shouldn't miss attending affiliate marketing conferences. Here's a look at 8 best affiliate marketing conferences and summits scheduled for 2024. But first, let's understand how these offline events can boost your affiliate marketing career.

  • 9 Best Affiliate Marketing Conferences and Summits In 2024
    • Affiliate Summit (West)
    • Affiliate Summit (East)
    • iGB Affiliate
    • Affiliate World Dubai
    • LeadsCon
    • Affiliate Huddle
    • Afiliados Brasil
    • Affiliate World Europe
    • DMEXCO

Affiliate Marketing Conferences Have Something For Everyone 

For many, 2024 could be the year to put their affiliate marketing business in fifth gear. If you’re vetting to expand your horizon, these conferences could be your easy ticket. Inarguably, they are one-of-a-kind events to cross paths with the industry’s best and gain vital insights on leading market trends and strategies. As a bonus, you get to loosen the tie, let your hair down, and shake a leg. After all, all work and no play is not good for the soul, right? Here are some first-hand benefits of attending affiliate marketing summits this year.

  • Excellent Cue For Networking- Affiliate marketing conferences offer a roadmap to build valuable connections. Exchanging ideas lets you craft meaningful collaborations and partnerships to put you one step closer to cracking business deals. Use networking platforms (Linkedin) and research beforehand to know more about keynote speakers and other distinguished attendees. It will help you frame your questions right when you get a chance. 
  • Insight Into Vital Industry Trends-Affiliate marketing is on an evolving spree. So, staying abreast of industry trends makes sense. Affiliate marketing conferences help you unravel such trends to remain competitive and tap into potentially profitable strategies.
  • Unique Ideas Galore- Contrary to what many believe, affiliate marketing isn't only about networking. Affiliate marketing conferences also motivate and inspire you with new and unique ideas. This is one platform where you can learn and pick up from others' success stories. Besides, you also get to pitch your USPs as a part of the knowledge exchange. And don't forget to follow up on valuable leads. 
  • Discover Cutting-Edge Tools and Resources-Exhibitors showcasing their products and services at an affiliate marketing summit is a common sight. This is a good way to learn about innovative tools and resources as an affiliate. It will help you identify your business's shortcomings and adapt changes to improve. 

Let’s take a closer look at each affiliate marketing conference and their key takeaways.

1. Affiliate Summit (West)

When : January 15-17, 2024 
Where: Caesars Forum Las Vegas
Focus: Lead Generation, Online Monetization
Top Speakers: Leilani Han (Executive Director, Commerce, Wirecutter), Jessica Seib (VP Commerce, Rolling Stone), Cooper Schwartz (Head of New Business & Growth, Money Group), Lynda Mann (Cofounder, Affilimate), Michelle Myers (Global Chief Revenue Officer, Wright's Media), David Bricker [CNET Media Inc. (Red Ventures)
Entry: Networking, VIP, and Super VIP Passes available at $999, $1,399, and $4,499 respectively

This is the big daddy of all affiliate marketing conferences. Affiliate Summit is where you forge profitable partnerships, launch sales funnels, and chart future growth routes. Reportedly, more than 70% of global affiliates prefer attending ASW in contrast to other summits. The reasons aren’t obscure to scan.

Key Takeaways: 

  • All attendees get free access to all learning sessions and workshops.
  • Whether you’re a mass media publisher or a blogger, ASW opens up unique partnership opportunities for all affiliates.
  • Discover profitable pathways to diversify partnerships, filter qualified leads, and attract quality traffic.

2. Affiliate Summit (East) 

When : July 29-30, 2024 
Where: New York Marriott Marquis Times Square
Focus: Lead Generation, Content Marketing
Top Speakers: To be decided
Entry: Networking and VIP Passes available at $399 and $699 respectively

Key Takeaways

  • From content publishers to ecom sellers, this is a singular platform to crack leading monetizing tricks, diversify traffic, trace AI influence, and a lot more.
  • Witness exciting content track with focus on data enrichment and lead optimization strategies across social media channels. 
  • Learn secret strategies to design compelling ads, chatGPT for ecommerce, scale Facebook ads, and create effective content pillars meeting diversified sales targets.

3. iGB Affiliate

When : February 6-9, 2024
Where: London, United Kingdom
Focus: iGaming
Top Speakers: Rachel Fitter (Director of Affiliate Partnerships, The Game Day), Sachiko West (iGaming Product Specialist, Growth Leads), and Rebecca Jiménez (Casino Site Manager LATAM, Game Lounge)
Entry: Free Affiliate and Networking Pass Available

An important event to mark your calendar, the iGB Affiliate London is geared towards the iGaming affiliate sector. New strategies, innovative ideas, and endless networking opportunities await you at this conference.

Key Takeaways:

  • This an excellent opportunity for all gaming affiliates, especially the newbies, to get a taste of this dynamic sector. 
  • iGB Affiliate London gives free passes to all affiliates. Whether you are a small traffic handler or a seasoned lead-generation expert, this conference is for you.
  • From SaaS providers and affiliate networks to media publishers and buyers, you learn from a rich and diverse audience.
  • Learn how to use AI-led strategies to impact SEO and survive ad bans.
  • Gain vital insights into tracking challenges changing the publisher-advertiser relationship.

4. Affiliate World Dubai

When : February 28-29, 2024
Where: Dubai, UAE
Focus: General 
Top Speakers: Jon Lender (President, Secco Squared), Sarah Lamine (Co-Founder and CEO, Convergen Agency), and Jason Akatiff (Founder and CEO, A4D Performance Network)
Entry: Affiliate and company tickets are priced at $1,019 and $1,429 USD respectively.

Crave for a productive offline meet with the world's best affiliate minds? Affiliate World Dubai is the answer. From enhancing core affiliate marketing skills to kickstarting new endeavors, this summit brings immense value to novice and seasoned professionals alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • Listen to presentations from top affiliate marketers. 
  • Gain vital industry insights to drive data-backed growth strategies and algorithm-driven scaling.
  • Find your way around AI chat funnels, Web3 community standards, and new consumer psychology.
  • Plan and design high-converting VSL campaigns.
  • Seamlessly network with peers and industry leaders. 
  • Build fruitful partnerships and collaborations to grow your affiliate marketing business. 
  • Enroll in industry-leading affiliate programs.
  • Witness endless happy hours and the amazing nightlife of Dubai.

5. LeadsCon

When : April 8-10, 2024
Where: Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas 
Focus: Lead Generation
Top Speakers: Puja Amin (Partner, Troutman Amin LLP), Aru Anavekar (CEO and Founder, Botsplash), Martin Andersen (Head of Digital, Sony), Jacqueline Anderson (Vice President, Affiliate Marketing, Endurance)
Entry : Tickets available from $1,599

Swing by Sin City to elevate your lead generation game. Leadscon is the largest affiliate marketing summit where you can discover new strategies and insights to nurture and convert quality leads. This three-day event features some of the best minds in the industry focused on lead generation and performance marketing. This year, Leadscon will have a high level of attendance from 25 different verticals, including home services, insurance, healthcare, fintech, mortgage, EDU, and more. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Get answers to your most pressing queries during the Power Hour that aims to educate affiliates to schedule spending right.
  • Gain hands-on experience through an innovative workshop on Gen AI with multiple use cases. 
  • Discover impactful, next-gen techniques to excel working in future customer acquisition environments.
  • Learn the secret to getting the best out of your lead generation data.
  • Hone your expertise in lead generation and digital marketing across different avenues-from data analytics to creative storytelling for a future-proof business.

6. Affiliate Huddle

When : April 23, 2024
Where: Brighton, UK
Focus: Online Marketing
Top Speakers: To be decided

Affiliate Huddle is among the best affiliate marketing summits that bring unmatched learning and networking opportunities. It’s geared towards online marketing professionals seeking unique strategies and insights channeling growth.

Key takeaways :

  • Take part in interactive sessions and panel discussions with industry experts.
  • Discover lesser-known affiliate marketing methods.
  • Connect with leading advertising agencies and fellow affiliate marketing businesses.
  • Pre-schedule appointments with business owners and spark a lively conversation via informal chats on branding and business development.

7. Afiliados Brasil

When: 23-25 May, 2024
Where: Frei Caneca Convention Center
Focus:  Online monetization
Top Speakers: Todd Brown (CEO, Todd Brown Inc.), Depesh Mandalia (Founder, The BPM Method), Lucas Garvin (Co-Founder, Thought Leaders Institute), and others

Affiliates Brazil is known as the largest affiliate marketing event held on Latin American soil. Regulated by the Brazilian Congress of Affiliates, it brings the best of webmasters, bloggers, agencies, and individual advertisers and affiliates in one frame. Together, they aim to share and exchange knowledge on monetization of online projects.

Key takeaways

  • Discover secrets of online monetization from some of the best minds in Latin American business.
  • Gain vital insights into leveraging your online project from inception. 
  • Get introduced to newer concepts of affiliate marketing through expert lectures focussed on systemic promotion and networking. 
  • Master the art of exhibiting affiliate products and services restricted to a selected bunch of professionals.

8. Affiliate World Europe

When: July 12-13, 2024
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Focus: Ecommerce entrepreneurship 
Top Speakers: Brendan Kane (Viral Marketing, Author of Hook Point), Mirella Crespi (Meta Reels For Direct Response), Chris Erthel (TikTok Ad Master), Aleyda Solis (Expert AI Hacks For SEO)
Entry: Affiliate and company tickets are priced at €1,999 and €2,999 respectively.

Affiliate World Europe has always been the hub of business strategies, networking opportunities, and innovative concepts. From functional SEO strategies to immersive TikTok ads, this is your chance to pick the brains behind successful affiliate marketing programs today. Whether you’re starting or have moderate experience in affiliate marketing, you’ll always have something new to take back home. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how leading SEO professionals are leveraging AI to fast-track automation.
  • Discover innovative affiliate marketing strategies to beat the fake web challenge. 
  • Witness proven hacks in action to create stellar visual content. 
  • Know how to tap into uncharted geographies and verticals through Tiktok affiliate marketing. 
  • Get practical training on building profitable lead gen assets and uncapped straight-sell offers. 
  • Gain insight into lesser-known strategies for maximizing revenue from live online shopping.
  • Watch over 200 networks and advertisers live as they unravel their growth strategy model.


When: Sep 18-19, 2024
Where: Cologne, Germany
Focus:  Digital marketing 
Top Speakers: Sarah Ostkam (Media Manager, Unilever), Tomas Duhr (VP, Ad Alliance GmbH), Tobias Schichtel (Managing Director, PHD)
Entry: Free Registration Available 

One of the most prominent marketing conferences in Europe, DMEXCO, largely focuses on harnessing the power of digital marketing. From emerging concepts to technological advancements, get ready to witness a diverse crowd comprising business owners, investors, and expert affiliates.

Key takeaways:

  • A unique chance to be a part of guided discussions, keynote panels, debates, and exclusive masterclasses
  • Discover functional and future-proof digital marketing strategies that cater to both local and global growth targets 
  • It is an ideal platform for decision-makers in affiliate businesses to come forward and be inspired. 
  • Forge significant connections to grow your affiliate marketing brand and positively impact the digital economy.

Is 2024 The Best Year Ever For Affiliate Marketing? 

From brand creator alliance to AI-guided searches, 2024 could be a mixed blessing for affiliates. Attending affiliate marketing conferences will put you up close and personal with the best in the business. 

You can not only discover innovative growth hacks but also root unique business deals. Be inspired and learn to network better and faster. Pick and choose the kind of summit that resonates with your niche. Learning is a never-ending phase, and as an affiliate, such conferences are your free and guided access to an ocean of knowledge.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: As the name suggests, affiliate marketing conferences are offline events where individuals and companies come together to learn and share knowledge on affiliate marketing strategies. It's a great place to meet leading affiliate marketing professionals, agencies, independent advertisers, investors, and educators alike. 

A: Affiliate marketing conferences are one-of-a-kind events. Whether you are a digital marketer, blogger, webmaster, or newbie affiliate, there's something for everyone. Attending such conferences gives you hands-on experience in several affiliate marketing concepts and their applications. You also learn emerging trends, advanced tech, and resources and network better for personal and brand growth.

A: Yes! Affiliate marketing conferences are a great platform to attract B2B leads. We recommend affiliates attend masterclasses and panel discussions during these conferences to attract and convert high-quality B2B leads.

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