Review: A Premier Traffic Monetization Platform

Last Updated: November 8, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

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Think about it: when was the last time you heard about a platform that genuinely came along and disrupted the way we approach a significant aspect of digital marketing? Well, that's precisely what happened when first hit the scene. Here's the skinny: back in 2014, several seasoned advertising pros came together with a common vision – to simplify and optimise how we monetize traffic on websites and apps.

Imagine being in a crowded bazaar. There's noise, colour, commotion, and a jumble of potential buyers. Now, imagine if you could cut through the noise and reach the right shopper effectively and profitably. That's in a nutshell. It's like having your own digital, traffic-controlling Sherpa to guide you through the ever-rugged landscape of online marketing by being the best Push Notification Monetization Network so far!

But before you declare it to be among the best Monetization Networks, let’s run through the Whys. Questions like 

  • Why is it the best?
  • What makes it different?
  • What are its features?
  • Pros and Cons?

And more will be answered in this review! Starting with what basically is.

  • Review: A Premier Traffic Monetization Platform
    • What is
    • Ad Formats
    • Features and Capabilities
    • How to Get Started: Signup Process
    • Dashboard Overview
    • Publisher Eligibility
    • CPM Rates
    • Payment and Payout Info
    • Revenue Share
    • Site Type Monetized
    • Top Geos Served
    • Customer Support Information

What is

Founded in 2019, headquarters are now in Slovakia. It is an affiliate network platform famous for financially empowering websites through push notifications. Partners House presently has over 90 million active push subscribers from various nations. It is available to people from over 180 countries.

Employing the Rev-Share concept, Partner House provides consistent passive revenue for all websites and media purchasers. Rev-Share is a revenue-sharing method that allows revenues to endure longer among partners. This means that a share of each click made by your traffic is paid to you. Currently, Partners House pays webmasters 80% of the click fee. 

Now that we are done with the basics, let’s get going with all the things that you should know as a Publisher/Digital Marketer before choosing as your new passive source of income on your websites. Take a look at our in-depth and detailed review. Ad Formats

The platform isn't a one-trick pony by any means. This tech titan offers an array of ad formats to keep things spicy. Let's list them out in this review, shall we?

  • Push notifications: Consider this the tap-on-the-shoulder approach. These little helpers pop on your site visitors' screens like "Pssst, buddy, check this out!"
  • Banner ads: Like a peacock strutting its colours, banner ads captivate and command attention; they literally 'hang around' your site, fascinating its visitors.
  • Native ads: The secret agents. These babies blend into the surroundings, barely distinguishable from the actual site content. Visitors are none the wiser about it being an ad. Pretty sneaky, huh?
  • In-page push: They're similar to push notifications, but more assertive. They're like, “Hey, you really shouldn't miss this!” offers a valuable solution for digital advertisers looking to optimize their returns with limited inventory. This platform serves as a bridge between advertisers and an extensive network of bloggers and publishers, generating millions of website hits and impressions. The beauty of lies in its ability to create a mutually beneficial scenario. Advertisers can efficiently reach their desired audience with ease. Moreover, allows advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns, selecting specific countries, genders, or devices for targeting. In a seamless process, advertisers define their target audience and takes it from there, managing the campaign. The platform even offers a convenient dashboard for monitoring and evaluating ad performance. Features and Capabilities

Alright, we've talked about what does, now let's talk about 'how' it does it. Think of as a buffet—you get a whole lot of different, mouth-watering features to pick from.

  • Advanced Targetting: Going global does sound fancy. But what if you could target a niche audience within a specific geographic region? That's what advanced campaign targeting delivers - marketing precision. They target your ads based on the user's OS, device, carrier, connection type, and browser.
  • Fraud Prevention: Whoever said there's no honour among thieves probably was predicting Fraud? Trust me, not on their watch. Their top-notch systems quickly crack down on fraudulent operations, protecting your revenue. They're like your personal bodyguard, got your back 24/7.
  • Real-time Reporting: Real-time data delivery allows you to understand precisely how your monetization is performing at any given moment. It's like sportscasters giving you the play-by-play in real-time. You'll always be sure.
  • Payout Models/Flexibility: Whether you're an avid advocate of CPC, CPL, or CPM, got your back, providing different payout models for the flexibility you need!

Mix-matching the features with the scope of services that provides, makes it a lucrative option. How? Be it mobile users or desktop dwellers, they’ve got solutions for every kind of user, brand or ad market. Thus helping you enhance your present subscription model, find a partner for international advertising campaigns, or provide insights into user engagement.

How to Get Started: Signup Process

As effective and intricate might sound, it’s as easy to get started into it. One can get started with it in just four simple steps! How? Here’s how -

  1. Sign up: Once you land on their website, you will have two options: ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up’. If you haven’t already registered with them, click on Sign Up to get started. Enter the required details on the website, as shown below. Following this, just send an email to confirm your account.

2. User Information: Once you are signed in, you need to add your website, including information like the title, the link, etc, that is required.

3. Adding API: To enable push notification alerts from various advertisers to your website, you need to incorporate it into your website code. It's a simple and effective way to get started with your passive income on the platform.

4. Review and Result: The account manager reviews the details of your website once you are over with the procedure mentioned above, and clearance is given following a careful evaluation. Dashboard Overview

That's you, then. What comes next? Welcome to the dashboard; that’s where you'll be interacting with it. Everything is available to you, including performance metrics, resources, and data. The Best Part? It’s not rocket science. It's intuitive, coherent, and user-friendly; once you figure it out, it's a cakewalk. And we will help you get started.

Starting out with the dashboard, where all your important metrics are summarized and shown, Elements like statistics, which show a graph of views vs. clicks vs. income, the income tab, which shows the revenue generated on a daily basis from push notification alerts, inpages, and onclicks, and other metrics, as shown in the dark tab.

  • Top Coutries: The Top Countries tab shows a list of average income earned by the publisher per 1,000 push notification subscribers, differently for mobile and PC. The prices are listed country-wise, and for different countries, the income is different.

  • CPL Rates: The CPL (cost per lead) rates show the cost per lead for each enlisted country differently for PC and mobile.

  • Statistics: Under this tab, the statistical data is shown in details, for example, on which browser or OS the ads have been interacted with, what kind of ad format generated the most revenue, and date-wise revenue generation.

  • Domains: This tab shows the domains that you have registered with or the domains that you have bought on their platform. Publisher Eligibility

Hold on! Before you get all excited, you have to make sure you are eligible or not. Well, “Eligibility?” you might ask; does have some predefined prereqs to ensure a quality network. Some of them include having a guidelines-compliant website, revolving around content quality and adherence to legalities. Let’s run through the eligibility in the following points:

  • Real impressions and clicks
  • Every publisher gets one account.
  • Good website traffic, but you can't make money by clicking your own advertisements
  • Not allowed to target audience with any defamatory content; not allowed to draw in outside parties with illicit content
  • Nothing that is copied is to be used. CPM Rates offers competitive CPM rates. They’ve automatised their pricing system to dynamically adjust the prices based on the given ad format, geographic location, or any other niche. Thus, it is safe to say, there’s serious homework by behind every penny earned. You can refer to the CPM rates on their website. Payment and Payout Info

You can use the following payment options to withdraw the money once you've made at least $50. The process is automated. Here are the payment details:

  • Advertising Model – Push Notifications
  • Commission Type – RevShare, CPA
  • Minimum Payment – $50
  • Payment Methods – MasterCard, AdvCash, Web Money, QIWI, Perfect Money, Payeer, and ePayments Revenue Share works on the RevShare commission type; they charge a certain amount from your earnings basically. But they play it fair and square, as their standard revenue model is 80-20%. In easier words? 80% yours, and 20% theirs. is not exclusive. They're interested whether you're running a blog as a 17 year old college student or a sophisticated internet retail company. If your website meets the terms and conditions mentioned above and has good enough traffic to begin with then would love to 'partner' you up! 

Examples would include:

  • Blogging sites
  • E- commerce sites
  • News sites
  • Drop shipping sites Top Geos Served follows the pulse of activity. They cater to all regions of the world with digital footprints. You name it, they probably have a presence--the Americas, Europe, Asia, etc. They therefore have you covered whether your audience is sipping coffee in the morning in New York or having noodles at midnight in Tokyo. Customer Support Information

Are you stuck in need of assistance? Don't worry, will not abandon you. They're like those ever-helpful trail guides who are always willing to assist you. Do you have a question? You can contact them by email or live chat on telegram, as they provide 24/7 assistance through your own personal manager. It's no surprise that consumers enthuse about having virtually little wait time. Review Links

Don't just take my word for it, though! There are plenty other outstanding web evaluations of and their offerings. It's akin to checking out Rotten Tomatoes before viewing a new movie. Even better, your potential profits are significantly more useful than watching a bad movie!

That concludes the narrative! I've (hopefully!) given you a behind-the-scenes look into in this review. It is a true game changer in the digital world, not just a traffic monetization tool. So why are you still waiting? Get out there and start selling more! Keep in mind that you heard it first here! This is your friendly neighborhood copywriter signing off till the next time. Happy Monetizing!


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