RollerAds Review: A Push Notification Advertising Network for Publishers

Last Updated: February 28, 2024
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Advertising Disclosure

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Remember the last ad monetization platform that truly shook things up? Neither do we. Let's face it, most platforms just tweak the edges. The average consumer sees about 600-1000 ads per day urging one to wonder, how many of these ads truly break through banner blindness and stand the potential to resonate? Surpassing the deafening ad clutter and connecting your audience with exactly the right offers is practically every publisher’s dream. The right ad network can simplify this task for publishers by connecting them with relevant advertisers for their audience. While there are numerous platforms with flexible monetization solutions today, and AdSense is one of them it definitely isn't the only player in the market. Newer networks with superior ad monetization solutions are amplifying revenue streams just as well, within a shorter time frame.

This brings us to RollerAds, whose comprehensive solutions go beyond mere traffic generation, to offer publishers a winning combination of targeted push notifications, anti-fraud protection, and intelligent optimizations to connect with the best advertisers. In this RollerAds review, we will attempt to conduct an in-depth exploration of the platform, to show what it can do, what makes it different, its features and capabilities, and why we recommend it.

  • RollerAds Review: A Push Notification Advertising Network for Publishers
    • 1. Who is RollerAds?
    • 2. RollerAds Ad Formats
    • 3. RollerAds Features:
    • 4. How to Get Started: Signup and Onboarding Process
    • 5. Dashboard Overview
    • 6. RollerAds Publisher Eligibility
    • 7. RollerAds CPM Rates
    • 8. RollerAds Payment and Payout Info
    • 9. RollerAds Revenue Share
    • 10. Top Geos Served
    • 11. Customer Support Information
    • 12. The Bottom Line

Who is RollerAds?

As a self-service ad monetization platform, RollerAds is known for its high performance, global reach, and innovative optimization tools for marketers to find the best affiliate marketing solutions, while assisting publishers to generate significant revenue. One of the key aspects of the platform is that it generates super-targeted traffic from across the globe, with over 2 billion daily impressions and 5 million clicks. Built by affiliates for affiliates, the system understands the affiliate experience, offering tools and insights designed to streamline campaign management and prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. 

Even though RollerAds was established as recently as 2019, its impressive stats and superior tech has allowed it to quickly gain traction and become a leading contender in the industry. That said, let’s go ahead and look at some of the ad formats the network has to offer.

RollerAds Ad Formats

  • Push Ads: Roller Ads offers high-quality non-intrusive push notification ads that are highly clickable, providing great CTR and delivering excellent results in almost all verticals! These real-time ads also come with comprehensive targeting options that are SEO and AdSense-friendly.
  • In-page Push Ads: In-Page Push ads are a type of display ad that is designed to look like a push notification but, unlike traditional push notifications, they are displayed directly on the publisher's site. The format is fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • OnClick or Popunder Ads: This is one of RollerAds’ most popular ad formats, available across all verticals. It has a high profit margin and can be extremely effective, if used correctly. A popunder is an ad that is loaded right under the main active window or a tab after a user performs a triggering action — for instance, stays on the publisher’s website for some time or clicks on a certain area of it. In this way, Popunders solve the problem of ‘ad blindness’ since the user doesn’t have to click on the ad banner
  • Calendar Push Ads: RollerAds’ calendar push ads appear directly in users’ calendar app as a native calendar notification. This ad format opens up a lot of interesting advertising opportunities, including millions of iOS users. Typically, this format is great at announcing upcoming events, promotions, etc.

RollerAds Features & Capabilities

Next up in this RollerAds review is a detailed look at the platform’s features and capabilities, what distinguishes it from its contemporaries, and the reasons for you to consider it.

  • Free Ad Blockers & Fraud-Evasion: RollerAds delivers push ads directly to users' screens, ensuring genuine impressions and bypassing pesky ad bots that inflate the web environment.
  • 100% Safe: Through robust security measures, they collaborate with a precise selection of advertisers to minimize unsubscribe rates.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up a publisher account with the network is very easy and you just need 15 minutes to get ready to earn from your website traffic. 
  • Monitoring Options: RollerAds offers 16 powerful monitoring options, allowing you to fine-tune your campaign results to optimize your campaigns. 
  • Real Audience: RollerAds offers 100% genuine mainstream traffic, either based on the GEO you specify, or globally. 
  • Creatives Library: Creatives Library is a service that reduces the time it takes to create banners. You can use tested, pre-made creatives from the RollerAds library to launch new ad campaigns.
  • Traffic Presets: While public presets are available by default to all registered users, RollerAds offers private presets that are customized according to needs and specifications.
  • CPA Optimization: With the CPA optimization feature, RollerAds automatically identifies and disables your least-converting zones, so you don’t have to deal with manual blacklisting.
  • User-friendly Interface: Through their user-friendly interface, Roller Ads offers publishers granular control as well as straightforward statistics. You can easily access your user profile, check account balance and keep tabs on your conversions.

To sum up the above, RollerAds stands as a flexible platform that is simple, yet advanced, with sophisticated targeting, tracking and fraud-evasion tools to make sure publishers make the most out of their traffic. Whether you run a blog, news site, e-commerce platform, or other web-based businesses, the network’s range of comprehensive solutions have the potential to be valuable to your revenue streams.

How to Get Started with RollerAds: Signup Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sign up with RollerAds:

  1. Account Setup and Approval: Setting up your account with RollerAds is as easy as it gets. Publishers simply have to fill up the details illustrated in the screenshot below to get started:
  2. Onboarding and Integration: Once your publisher account is successfully set up, you are directed to the RollerAds dashboard. Now you can go to the “Sites” section and add one or more websites using the “Add new site” button. 
  3. Implementing the Ad Code on Your Website: Once your site is verified, it takes an average of 24 hours for the team to further check your site for compliance. Once this is done, you can start adding your ad placements.
  4. Going Live: Testing and Optimization: Now you are ready to generate a JS tag and integrate it to your website to go live and start earning!

RollerAds Dashboard Overview for Publishers

Up next in this RollerAds review is a comprehensive overview of its dashboard:

By creating a centralized user-centric dashboard equipped with numerous advanced features, RollerAds lets publishers gain access to functionalities like viewing ad performance insights, earnings, payouts, referrals, traffic details, and more. The admin panel is straightforward, and easy to set up, allowing numerous different ways to withdraw funds, including wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin and Paxum. Since practically everything you need is accessible and within reach, we found RollerAds dashboard to be quite hassle-free, yet effective. 

RollerAds Publisher Eligibility

While there is no minimum traffic requirement for publishers to join RollerAds, the network does have some prerequisites that publishers must meet to join the platform:

  • Your website should be compliant with rules and regulations, adhering to all legalities, with no controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 
  • It should not infringe on the copyrights of any other person.
  • It should not contain any false, deceptive or misleading content.
  • It should not promote illegal contests or pyramid schemes
  • Publishers are not allowed to buy traffic directly or indirectly from other ad-networks and resell it to RollerAds. 

RollerAds CPM Rates for Publishers

CPM rates, which are based on Cost Per Thousand impressions, are influenced by various factors such as ad format, audience demographics, and industry niche. While RollerAds offers competitive CPM rates within the industry, these rates are likely to differ for each publisher based on individual circumstances.

Below are illustrative examples of the CPM rates that publishers may expect to earn with RollerAds.

RollerAds Payment & Payout Info

Let's discuss the platform’s payment duration, payment forms, and the minimum payout threshold. RollerAds caters to your preferences with both instant and non-instant payment methods. Publishers can choose from options like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Capitalist, CoinPayments, Paxum, Payoneer, and PayPal. The minimum payout is $50, and all payments are done on a NET-30 basis.

RollerAds Revenue Share for Publishers

Publishers can share their unique RollerAds referral link and earn 5% of every new publisher's revenue when they sign up through the link.

RollerAds - Top GEOs Served

With 2B+ daily impressions and 5M daily clicks, RollerAds works with all tiers of traffic, across 200 countries, globally.

RollerAds Customer Support

RollerAds goes the extra mile, literally! The team’s proactive support is proof of the fact that it is a network created for and by affiliates. Going beyond mere problem-solving, the support team provides comprehensive assistance if publishers run into any issues during or after setup. 

The bottom line:

This concludes the RollerAds review. With simple payout terms, a combination of targeted push notifications, anti-fraud protection, and intelligent optimizations, the network connects publishers with the best advertisers to assist incremental and sustained revenue growth. For anyone looking to amplify their revenue streams, RollerAds is a good bet, as it successfully meets the required criteria for us to recommend it as a robust push notification advertising network.


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