The 7 Best AdSense Alternatives in Australia

Last Updated: February 24, 2024
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Advertising Disclosure

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The quest for effective monetization strategies is an ongoing challenge for bloggers and publishers in Australia, given to its limited audience set. Although Google continues to be a popular choice, the industry is slowly making its way towards niche based adtech solutions that can offer more competitive CPM rates. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best alternatives to AdSense, examine their key features and the added benefits for publishers. 

  • The 7 Best AdSense Alternatives in Australia
    • 1. Setupad
    • 2. iZooto
    • 3. PubLift
    • 4. Taboola
    • 5. MonetizeMore
    • 6.
    • 7. Teads

Why Do Bloggers in Australia Need AdSense Alternatives?

There are certain reasons which bloggers and publishers in Australia would consider having an alternative to Google AdSense. The primary reasons are listed here:

  • Regional Relevance: There may be ad networks that have access to direct programmatic campaigns offering more relevant and niche ads based on the audience profile of the Australian publishers and bloggers. 
  • Monetization Diversity: Adding 2-3 monetization partners in your ad stack can increase the overall competition and allow bloggers to tap into various platforms and advertising formats. 
  • Competitive Earnings: Adding AdSense alternatives to your monetization stack can increase the overall competition and shall push AdSense to pay higher CPM rates for the same inventory. This will help Australian bloggers maximize their earnings potential.

Flexibility in Ad Formats: Understanding the right ad format for your website is crucial and choosing different ad networks can  offer diverse ad formats, giving bloggers the flexibility to choose formats that seamlessly integrate into their content.

The 7 Best AdSense Alternatives in Australia:

Here we are taking a sneak peak into the various AdSense alternatives for Australian bloggers, publishers and media agencies. 

1. Setupad

Setupad is a monetization platform for bloggers and website owners. With an advanced in-house developed header bidding solution and various other products and optimization tools, Setupad aims to increase publishers’ ad revenue to the maximum. Setupad is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), an official member of Prebid, and a registered member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Australian bloggers and publishers can see a 30%+ revenue increase when implementing Setupad ad tags. The implementation is pretty quick, however, the SSP approvals do take a couple of days and thus you can see increased revenue within 14 days. 

Key Information:

  • It is easy to maximize your CPM through Setupad's intelligent ad refresh algorithm, which refreshes viewable ads based on user behavior.
  • Their real-time blocking software safeguards against malicious ads and ensure premium ad quality across your site.
  • Setupad's prebid.js auto-template streamlines management of demand partner adaptors (SSPs and DSPs), optimizing the library selection for each user.
  • Setupad's ad formats include in-view ads, sticky ads, instream video ads, lazy loaded ads, interstitial ads, static banner ads and rewarded ads.
  • The payments get released in NET 60 days via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, Revolut, or Paysera, upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of €100.
  • Publishers need to have a minimum of 100k monthly visitors to sign up. Setupad promises a 30% increase over ad networks like AdSense and Google AdExchange.

2. iZooto

iZooto is a solution for owned audience marketing that uses push notifications as a channel to assist Australian news publishers and media agencies in building, owning, and engaging their audience. With the help of iZooto, publishers can control their audience and rely less on Google and Facebook. To encourage recurring visitors and increase the revenue from their current display advertising, publishers connect their audience with targeted and automated alerts. Publishers can also use notifications to push adverts to their audience and increase their income. Push notification ads can generate you 30% of your overall ad revenue. 

Key Information:

  • With iZooto's web push notifications, you can create powerful notifications and customize them with ease. In addition to web push, iZooto offers app and messenger push, news hub, onsite interactions. 
  • Using iZooto, publishers can grow their revenue with push notification monetization and increase their opt-in rates by 12-15%. 
  • The payments get released in NET 60 days via wire and Paypal upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100 for publishers all over the world.
  • Publishers need to have a minimum of 5000 subscribers or 300,000 monthly visitors to be enabled to the monetization plan. 

3. PubLift

Publift is an Australian publisher focused monetization platform expertising in header bidding, private marketplaces (PMPs), brand safety, automated reporting, and layout optimization solutions. The platform delivers individualized and personalized ad strategies to each publisher they work with, with ample testimonies of clients vouching for their services and expert solutions. Well-known websites such as Envato, Ozbargain, Willyweather, Readers Digest, Weatherzone, Broadsheet, and others, are among those the company collaborates with. A Google Certified Partner, overall, Publift is a great platform for those interested in taking their programmatic journey beyond AdSense and GAM, to maximize their revenues even further.

Key Information:

  • With Publift you get to have 30+ premium ad partners bidding for your ads, to ensure the highest possible revenues for your space.
  • Offers the most recent programmatic monetization technologies, like header bidding and Google Exchange Bidding (EBDA)
  • Brand Safety: Publift offers strong brand safety measures to eliminate spammy ads. Adwizard, their Chrome extension enables publishers to disable unpreferred ads in real-time.
  • Publift lets you do away with many scripts, partners, reporting systems, and platforms, via their unique plug-and-play adtech solution.
  • Available to large Australian publishers, Private Marketplace deals have a large dollar value but is frequently a very challenging process without adtech expertise. Publift handles setup, troubleshooting and reporting on behalf of publishers, to help you benefit from more premium ads
  • Publift issues payments via direct bank transfer in the currency of your choice. The Google revenue is paid every 30 days, and all other revenues from other networks are paid in 3-month arrears

4. Taboola

Taboola is a native web-based platform that caters to problem-solving within the digital content industry. The platform attracts tier one advertisers and thus can be pretty lucrative to large Australian publishers and media houses. By providing a content marketing solution linking content providers with publishers through web-based widgets named "Content You May Like," "Recommended for You," and "You May Also Like," these widgets include images and connections to relevant content (video, image-based slideshows, or articles) that are placed on websites by content creators. The linked content can be both internal (from the publisher's website or network) and external (going to other sites), for which the publishers receive a share of the portion of the advertising income.

Key Features: 

  • Ideal for Australian publishers, mobile carriers and other digital properties, Taboola is a powerful engine that provides what is relevant, interesting and new to your audience, resulting in new engagement and monetisation opportunities.
  • Taboola has partnered with more than 15,000 advertisers and 9000 publishers.
  • It has become the largest discovery platform, realizing tremendous monetization opportunities.
  • Taboola requires publishers to have 500,000 monthly impressions to sign up. They have no content requirements per so, and you just need to meet their traffic requirements.
  • Taboola splits 50% of its revenue with publishers.

5. Monetizemore

MonetizeMore, an ad network that is rapidly establishing itself as one of the industry leaders in ad revenue optimization, is also a bankable option for leading Australian publishers. PubGuru, their award-winning programmatic ads management platform for large Australian publishers offers a range of tools and solutions to maximize revenue from digital advertising. The platform offers flexible partnerships for publishers with no lock-in contract terms and 100% transparency. 

Key Information:

  • Monetizemore is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, preferred by many Australian publishers across industries and platforms.
  • Their traffic cop feature helps reduce revenue clawbacks caused by invalid traffic and prevents your ad accounts from being banned by ad networks.
  • PubGuru, the network’s AI-powered header bidding solution easily scales your bids to billions of requests per day.
  • The platform offers access to premium ad networks and gives you the best revenue shares and payment terms.
  • Page Reports help you identify the pages that are driving the most revenue to your site, allowing you to make data-driven decisions on new content.
  • Monetizemore operates on a NET 30-day payment cycle, offering three payment methods - PayPal, ACH, and Wire Transfer.
  • The minimum payout threshold is $100.


One of the most popular online video discovery platforms is Primis. They collaborate with many Australian publishers to assist users in finding excellent and compelling video content, enhancing and extending online experiences. This boosts audience engagement, is completely configurable, and integrates smoothly. As video monetization continues to soar in 2020, publishers are turning to businesses like Primis more frequently. With over 1.5 billion minutes of video content, 120 million unique users, 12 million new video content recommendations, and 1.3 billion video commercials, they can boast impressive stats.

Key Information:

  • Their units have effective monetization thanks to connections between significant brands, DSPs, and SSP video demand.
  • To increase CPMs even further, publishers can link their direct, open market, programmatic, and private marketplaces.
  • For publishers who wish to offer video advertisements on their website but do not have any original video content, this unit works nicely.
  • Thousands of videos from different verticals are currently available in the Primis library and may be matched with your content.
  • Even more, a staff of editors handpicks popular videos for the section in real-time.

7. Teads

A pioneer in the sector of out-stream video advertising, Teads is in charge of developing technology that assists businesses in monetizing their operations through programmatic buying and other resources. Since the release of their core product, the platform has developed various other connected services in order to grow and scale their footprint, globally.

Headquartered in New York, Teads' primary concentration is advertising, but they are also regarded as a firm with roots in the video, internet, and mobile industries. Teads has established strong and enduring partnerships with the world's largest and most well-known publishers, comprising more than 75% of the Comscore 300 editorial publishers globally. They provide advertising solutions to clients across a range of industries, allowing Aussie publishers and new agencies to optimize the potential for monetization by bringing substantial incremental revenue to its clients.

Key Information:

  • Teads offers full-funnel omnichannel solutions in quality environments.
  • Offers data-driven solutions to reach 100% of your audience in the cookieless world. Their technology is used by all the leading holding companies and many of the world’s most sophisticated advertisers and publishers
  • Advanced Cookieless Targeting: Teads' proprietary data solutions suite takes the guesswork out of your targeting strategies.
  • Teads Suite: Offers self-serve solutions for publishers to make make the most of in-article advertising.
  • Teads pays on a NET 45-day basis, and the minimum payout threshold is $50. The payment options are Paypal and Wire Transfer.

How to Choose the Best AdSense Alternatives in Australia?

It is imperative to select the appropriate AdSense alternatives for bloggers and publishers who are aiming to optimize revenue while ensuring a positive user experience. Consider the following factors:

  • Regional Relevance: Choose alternatives that have a strong presence in the Australian market, ensuring ads resonate with the local audience.
  • Ad Format Variety: Opt for platforms that offer a variety of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and video ads, allowing you to experiment with formats that suit your content.
  • Payment Terms and Rates: Consider the payment terms and rates offered by each alternative. Look for competitive rates and transparent payment processes.
  • User Experience Impact: Prioritize alternatives that focus on maintaining a positive user experience. Ads should complement your content without being intrusive and should not affect your website loading time and page speed.

The Bottomline

For Australian bloggers, diversifying with AdSense alternatives ensures a robust monetization strategy. By carefully selecting and integrating these alternatives, bloggers can maximize their earnings while offering a tailored and engaging experience for their audience. We would recommend Australian AdSense publishers to use a combination of Setupad, iZooto, and PubLift.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, bloggers can diversify their revenue streams by using multiple AdSense alternatives simultaneously. However, it's crucial to monitor performance and ensure a seamless user experience.

AdSense alternatives with a strong presence in the Australian market can provide ads that are more relevant to the local audience, increasing engagement and click-through rates.

Alternatives like Infolinks, which focus on user engagement, ensure that ads seamlessly integrate into the content, contributing positively to the overall user experience.

Yes, platforms like Amazon Associates and BuySellAds provide opportunities for affiliate marketing, allowing bloggers to earn commissions through affiliated products or services.

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