Best Gaming Affiliate Networks and Programs

That the online gaming vertical is a prolific and profitable niche for affiliate marketers needs to reiteration— gaming will always be a mainstream activity, with cross-cultural appeal transcending language barriers, age, and other demographics. Frequent polls conclude that playing video games—whether they are straightforward smartphone games or complex, immersive competitions—often replace other forms of daily entertainment for Gen Z and Millenials, with Gen X trailing closely behind.

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Affiliate Networks?

  • Commission Structure Comparison: As commission structures differ from one network to another, it is advisable to verify whether the network offers revenue share, CPA, or hybrid models. This allows you to select a model that aligns with your preferences and meets your revenue expectations.
  • Exclusive Offers: Some networks may provide exclusive gaming offers. Explore these options to differentiate your promotions and attract a more engaged audience.
  • Payment Terms: It is important to review a network's payment terms before jumping in. Check the payment duration and payout threshold along with the payment methods on offer.
  • Favourable Cookie Life: Typically, the longer the cookie life, the better your profit margin. In other words, each referral link has a cookie lifespan during which it remains trackable. As affiliates, it is best to choose networks that offer the highest cookie duration.

To sum up the above, by considering factors such as commision rates, cookie life, exclusive offers and payment terms, you can compare and choose the best gaming affiliate network that aligns with your goals. A strategic choice tailored to your preferences and audience can unlock high-paying opportunities in the dynamic sphere of online gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliates can promote a variety of gaming offers, including online casinos, sports betting platforms, video game subscriptions, gaming accessories, and more. The range of offers depends on the affiliate program and the gaming company's products or services.

While there are many different niches for affiliate marketing, gaming is one of the most lucrative of them all. For example, some gaming networks pay a commission rate of up to 60% for each sale alone.

Yes, many affiliates promote multiple gaming affiliate programs simultaneously. However, it's crucial to manage promotions effectively and ensure compliance with each program's terms and conditions.