The Best Sticky Banner Ad Networks for Publishers

Are you a publisher looking to monetize your website using sticky banner ads? Stick banner ads adverts were developed to combat ad blockers and the increasing banner blindness in consumers. These ads stick to the screen as a user reads an article. There are several benefits to using stick banner ads, such as increased viewability, being largely unobtrusive, and yielding higher revenue. They can also be customized for different devices. Yet the question is how to find the right advertising partners for your stick banner ads. This is where the sticky banner ad networks for websites and stick banner ad networks for publishers come in.

Sticky banner ad networks are ad networks that help publishers find the right advertising partners for your sticky banner advertising. Since not all ad networks and sites allow sticky banner ads, you need a partner to help you find the right ads and ensure you place ads on sites where they are allowed. Sticky banner ads require technical expertise, which an ad network can guide you with. 

Underdog Media is a dynamic ad monetization network that prioritizes offering its publisher partners highly visible ad units. The EDGE unit, a hybrid slider that can offer both video and conventional display ads, is the flagship item for UDM.



Sulvo is a programmatic ad server that delivers on-target metrics on revenue and engagement. Their containers prevent revenue loss by recapturing adblock visits, serving special formats, and maximizing auction participation by including as many of your buyers as possible. Sulvo simplifies the process of bringing together all of your buyers, including Ad Manager / AdX, Adsense, Amazon, Relābe, and all Prebid-compatible demand.

Infolinks helps you earn more with smart ads. Infolinks supports over 350,000 publishers worldwide. Publishers will undoubtedly get a stable revenue source, reliable technology, solid account management, and a positive user experience.

Benefits of using Sticky Banners for Publishers

Sticky banners are ads that stay in a fixed position on a web page, even as the user scrolls. Here are some benefits of using sticky banners for publishers:

  • Increased Viewability: Sticky banners remain in a fixed position on a web page, ensuring that they are always in view, even as users scroll. This increases the viewability of the ad, potentially leading to higher engagement and revenue.
  • Improved User Experience: Sticky banners are less intrusive than traditional display ads that follow the user as they scroll. This improves the user experience and reduces the risk of ad fatigue, which can drive users away.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: Sticky banners are often larger than traditional display ads, making them more noticeable and attention-grabbing. This can lead to higher engagement rates and increased revenue for publishers.
  • Increased Ad Inventory: By using sticky banners, publishers can increase their ad inventory without compromising the user experience. This can help increase revenue without alienating users.

Overall, sticky banners offer several benefits for publishers, including increased viewability, improved user experience, higher engagement rates, increased ad inventory, and targeting options. By using sticky banners, publishers can maximize revenue while delivering high-quality ads to their users.

How to Choose the Best Sticky Banner Ad Networks?

With all the complexities involved in using a sticky banner ad, it is essential you find the best stick banner ad network for your content and site. Here are a few ways to ensure that.

  • Find ad networks that work with publishers in your niche
  • Pick ad networks that provide analytics
  • Choose ad networks that help with the technical aspects of your ad

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Frequently Asked Questions

The effectiveness of a sticky banner ad can be measured by the viewability, number of refreshable impressions, eCPMs, and CTR. A high CTR will result in better earnings for the publisher.

A Sticky Banner Ad Network is a platform that connects advertisers with publishers, allowing advertisers to display sticky banner ads on websites or mobile apps owned by publishers. Sticky banner ads are typically ads that "stick" to the top or bottom of a webpage or app screen even as the user scrolls, ensuring that the ad remains visible at all times.