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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Acqua Media is a monetization platform specializing in website, mobile app, and YouTube monetization through Google AdX, Ad Manager, AdMob, and AdSense. They also support direct sales ads, house ads, and other ad exchanges or networks with their ad yield management service.Acquired by AnyMind Group in 2018, Acqua Media has experienced accelerated growth and expanded its capabilities. Currently, the platform serves over 101 billion ad impressions globally each month.

Acqua Media brings extensive skills and experience to significantly boost ad revenue for publishers.Currently, the platform serves over 101 billion ad impressions globally each month.With extensive experience and advanced skills, Acqua Media aims to significantly increase publishers' ad revenue. Their comprehensive approach ensures effective monetization across multiple channels. The platform is designed to optimize ad performance and maximize revenue potential for publishers. 

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Acqua Media Products

  • Versatile Monetization Tools: Acqua Media offers comprehensive monetization solutions, including Google AdX, AdMob, AdSense, Ad Manager, and YouTube Optimization, to maximize publishers' ad revenue across various platforms efficiently and effectively.
  • Private Marketplace (PMP) selling and management: Acqua Media offers a robust solution for private marketplace selling and management, empowering publishers to efficiently control access to premium inventory while maximizing revenue through targeted ad placements.
  • Ad Networks Mediation & High-Impact Creative Formats: Acqua Media offers ad networks mediation services coupled with high-impact creative formats, empowering publishers to maximize revenue through efficient ad inventory management and engaging advertising solutions.
  • Ad Formats for programmatic selling: Acqua Media offers a diverse range of ad formats tailored for programmatic selling, providing publishers with effective tools to monetize their digital inventory efficiently and maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Google Ad Policy Management: Acqua Media's Google Ad Policy Management product provides publishers with comprehensive tools to ensure compliance with Google's ad policies, facilitating smoother ad operations and minimizing the risk of policy violations.

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Acqua Media Ad Formats

  • Video Slider: This ad format seamlessly integrates within article paragraphs, optimizing revenue for publishers by monetizing long-form content. The unit remains visible in the user viewport as they scroll.
  • Video Parallax: Video Parallax offers an immersive vertical video experience, seamlessly integrated into the mobile web. Engage audiences with captivating content displayed in a native style for optimal viewing.
  • Video In-Stream: This format enables video ads to play before, during, or after the main video content within the player, offering versatile placement options for advertisers seeking optimal engagement.
  • Video Star: The Video Star Banner for Mobile situates at the screen's bottom, displaying an ad on first view. Interacting with the screen removes the banner, while tapping expands it to full resolution, revealing video content.
  • Video Blend: It seamlessly integrates video content with a co-located banner, offering an engaging ad format. Compatible with both traditional out-stream and Slider, it enhances user experience across platforms.
  • Elastic Out-Stream: Elastic Outstream offers an engaging in-article out-stream teaser that expands to a full-screen immersive video with a skin background upon user engagement. Ideal for high-impact campaigns like Beauty, Fast-food, and Electronics.
  • Video Balloon: Video Balloon, an out-stream video ad unit, remains fixed at the bottom right corner, ensuring maximum user attention and viewability. Complemented by an accompanying banner, it enhances brand recall effectively.
  •  Parallax Banner: Parallax Banner seamlessly integrates background visuals with scroll actions, temporarily occupying the screen without disrupting user engagement. This ad format enhances visual storytelling while maintaining a user-friendly interface.
  • Big Banner (Native): Big Banner ads are strategically placed within article paragraphs, optimizing revenue for publishers by seamlessly integrating advertisements into long-form content.
  • Slide Show: Manual Mode- Engage mobile audiences with user-initiated slideshows, allowing brands to showcase multiple products effortlessly through interactive swiping.
  • Auto Slide Feature- Elevate brand visibility by displaying entire product suites through automated slideshows, triggered when in view on mobile devices.
  • Spin Cube: This unique ad format allows advertisers to showcase up to six content or action options, resembling a cube. Users have the flexibility to either visit a landing page or engage with video content.
  • Wave Parallax: An interactive vertical banner design that boosts engagement by incorporating interactivity through phone movement.

Acqua Media FAQ

Acqua Media works with a diverse range of publishers, including websites, mobile apps, video platforms, and other digital media outlets across various industries and regions.

Yes,Acqua Media offers seamless integration with various platforms, including desktop, mobile, and connected TV (CTV), ensuring a smooth and efficient ad delivery experience for publishers and users.

Yes, Acqua Media offers publishers control over the types of ads shown on their platforms through customizable settings and preferences to align with their brand values.

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