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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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With extensive reach in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and other Latin America countries, AdOps Latam is a rapidly expanding digital advertising network with a solid regional presence. The AdOps Latam team has extensive experience having worked the last 10 years with agencies, media and advertising networks at a local and international level. Specializing in offering multilingual campaigns, programmatic advertising, and mobile-first strategies to drive relevant and high-impact advertising campaigns for publishers, the team optimizes the advertising sales workflow to deliver the best performance and income generation.

AdOps Latam's servives include - helping media agencies and ad networks in all online advertising sales operations processes and sales force support activities, including production of ad campaigns, campaign traffic monitoring , reporting, etc. If you are looking to increase ad revenue, improve operational efficiency, or expand your audience reach in the continent, the network's range of solutions could be a culturally relevant fit, powered by increasing internet reach, mobile usage, and social media engagement.

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AdOps Latam Products

  • Ad Operations: Having extensive experience in managing market adservers, the AdOps Latam team can quickly obtain information to resolve problems and stay on top of trends and developments. They completely eliminate the tensions that may exist in all stages of your campaign strategy and digital operations.
  • Audience Monetization: They help digital publishers optimize their revenue from different demand sources,
  • personalize our ad optimization practices according to each digital medium's website and its objectives, as well as the preferences of their respective users. Publishers can implement and increase site-wide revenue on AdExchange Display and Video, Header Bidding and more, including:
    • AdServer – AdExchange – Ad Networks Integration
    • Implementation of Prebid Technology - Postbid
    • Integration of new sources of income

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AdOps Latam Features and Capabilities

  • High Impact Formats: The offer high-impact multi-platform RichMedia and IAB formats; creative development for Landing page, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, etc.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Through specialized dashboards, AdOps Latam offers publishers granular detail on their campaign performance, including key configurition notifications and site monetization alerts, income sources etc, from a central dashboard.
  • Multilingual Campaign Management: Execute effective campaigns in Spanish, Portuguese, and other local languages to connect authentically with your audience.
    Mobile-First Approach: Capitalize on the high mobile penetration in LATAM with strategies that prioritize mobile advertising to engage users on their preferred devices.
    Programmatic Advertising: Leverage automated, data-driven ad buying to maximize efficiency and target the right users at the right time.
    Culturally Relevant Content: Craft compelling, culturally attuned content that resonates with diverse audiences and drives higher engagement.
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