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Adplexity Description

Publishers may better understand their customers and competitors with the help of AdPlexity's mobile, desktop, and native intelligence. AdPlexity gives businesses the competitive edge they need to enhance performance across all channels with its competitive intelligence services, which assist app developers in gaining insights into how the competition's user base has grown over time and what tactics they are employing to keep those customers. It is a platform that is powered by artificial intelligence and global native intelligence. It offers you deeper user insights to generate greater engagement, higher conversion rates, more targeted audiences, and ultimately better profits from your advertising efforts. It is tailored for app and online publishers, corporate organizations, and ecommerce enterprises alike.

AdPlexity is the place for you if you want to gain insight from your rivals or a competitive advantage. You can detect the applications your rivals are using and the advertising that is appearing on their desktop and mobile websites using AdPlexity.

Adplexity Features and Capabilities

Adplexity Geos Served

AdPlexity supports the following countries:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, South Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Russian Federation, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Thailand, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Romania.

Adplexity Products

AdPlexity offers various products like:

AdPlexity Push lets you pull up comprehensive data on mobile and desktop push campaigns running in over 82 countries. 

AdPlexity Mobile helps get all the most important data on successful mobile campaigns, in a matter of seconds.

AdPlexity Desktop pulls comprehensive data on the latest successful desktop campaigns from a huge range of different desktop traffic sources.

AdPlexity Native lets you pull up comprehensive data on the most successful native advertising campaigns in seconds.

AdPlexity Adult helps get the most valuable data on successful adult campaigns at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

AdPlexity Ecomm helps get the latest data on all the most successful eCommerce stores. One-click brings you an array of information on over 100,000 stores and over 100 million products.

AdPlexity Carriers is a user-friendly, accurate way for you to keep track of your mobile campaigns.