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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Adscend Media offers cutting-edge rewards-based advertising solutions, empowering publishers and advertisers to maximize engagement and revenue. By leveraging advanced Offer Wall technology and robust fraud prevention measures, Adscend Media ensures secure, efficient, and profitable advertising experiences for all parties involved.

With a global reach and a focus on innovative ad tech, Adscend Media stands out in the digital advertising landscape. Their commitment to quality and security helps clients achieve higher conversions and sustainable growth, making them a trusted partner in the industry.

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Adscend media Products

Discover Adscend Media's innovative solutions and products for digital ad engagement and monetization:

  • Offer Wall: Engage users and optimize revenue with a versatile platform offering various ad formats for rewarding experiences.

  • Market Research Surveys: Gain valuable insights and globally reward users through Adscend Media's targeted surveys, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Owned & Operated Video Properties: Reach millions of engaged users with high-quality video ads via Adscend Media's PixelPointTV platform, driving brand visibility and user engagement.

  • Programmatic Banner Ads: Elevate brand visibility and engagement with Adscend Media's programmatic banner ads on owned and operated properties, maximizing reach and impact.

  • Fraud Prevention: Ensure campaign integrity and ROI with Adscend Media's Total Fraud Defense, leveraging advanced technologies to safeguard against fraudulent activities and optimize advertising investments.

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Adscend media Features and Capabilities

Adscend Media offers a range of features and capabilities to enhance website and landing page monetization:

  • Offer Wall Engagement: Enhance user engagement and revenue generation with Adscend Media's dynamic Offer Wall, offering diverse ad formats tailored for rewarding experiences.
  • Global Market Research Surveys: Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences with Adscend Media's targeted market research surveys, enabling data-driven decision-making and global user rewards.

  • Premium Video Advertising: Access millions of engaged users through Adscend Media's premium video advertising platform, PixelPointTV, ensuring high-quality ad placements and maximum viewer engagement.

  • Programmatic Banner Ad Solutions: Amplify brand visibility and engagement with Adscend Media's programmatic banner ad solutions, strategically placed across owned and operated properties for optimal reach and impact.

  • Advanced Fraud Prevention Measures: Safeguard your advertising campaigns and investment with Adscend Media's comprehensive fraud prevention technology, ensuring campaign integrity and maximizing ROI.

  • Customized Analytics and Reporting: Gain actionable insights into campaign performance and user behavior with Adscend Media's customized analytics and reporting tools, empowering data-driven optimizations and strategic decision-making.

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Adscend media Pricing

Adscend Media offers flexible and competitive pricing plans to accommodate various advertising needs. They utilize a CPA (Cost Per Action) model, which includes options like CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPA, and CPS (Cost Per Sale). The minimum payout threshold is $50, and they provide multiple payment frequencies including Net-7, Net-15, and bi-weekly. Payment methods are versatile, including options like check, wire transfer, ACH, and PayPal, ensuring ease and convenience for partners‚Äč.

Adscend media Revenue Share

Adscend Media presents a lucrative opportunity for publishers with its competitive revenue sharing model, offering potential earnings of up to $90 eCPMs through various monetization methods like video offers, app installs, and surveys. With flexible payment options including PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, checks, and wire transfer, publishers can receive payments efficiently, with expedited schedules available for faster transactions. While standard payments are typically net30, certain earnings, such as those from Hideout.TV, may follow a net60 schedule to accommodate longer advertiser payment cycles.

Adscend media Ad Formats

Adscend Media offers various ad formats to optimize marketing campaigns and maximize earnings:

  • Offer Wall: Engage users and enhance monetization by presenting a variety of offers and rewards in a customizable interface.
  • Video Ads: Capture audience attention and convey your message effectively through immersive and high-quality video content seamlessly integrated into the user experience.
  • Banner Ads: Increase brand visibility and drive user engagement with strategically placed programmatic banner advertisements across Adscend Media's owned and operated properties.
  • Native Ads: Blend branded content seamlessly into the surrounding environment, providing users with relevant and non-disruptive advertising experiences.
  • Interstitial Ads: Deliver impactful full-screen ads between content transitions, maximizing user engagement and interaction with your brand message.

Adscend media FAQ

Yes, Adscend Media offers customizable solutions to align with specific advertising objectives, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns for optimal engagement and monetization.

Adscend Media employs Total Fraud Defense to safeguard against fraudulent activities, ensuring campaign integrity and maximizing return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Adscend Media provides a diverse range of ad formats, including Offer Walls, market research surveys, video ads, programmatic banner ads, and more, tailored to suit various advertising needs.

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