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Adworkmedia Description

AdworkMedia is a platform that provides publishers and web developers with a collection of unique tools to monetize their content. This platform has a global reach and has consumers from almost all the countries of the world. 

AdworkMedia prides itself on the features of reporting manager, campaign manage,ment and many other unique features to help the partners in easy use of advanced settings. With the huge number of countries under its campaigns, AdworkMedia makes it a point to make payment easy for its partners by using several globally available options such as PayPal, Check, Payza, etc. Aiming to make monetizing easy for its partners, AdworkMedia provides content on all mediums may it be mobile or tablets. There are mobile-affiliated programs for the consumers signing in with their mobiles. The platform runs special mobile-friendly campaigns that are supported on desktop as well as mobile.

Adworkmedia Features and Capabilities

AdworkMedia, being a global platform, tries its best to offer easy payments with the help of PayPal, Check, Bitcoin, Payza, etc. It offers bonuses to its partners based on the traffic they get. To help the partner in earning consumers, AdworkMedia offers exclusive tools to make monetization easier and faster. Offer Wall, Content Locker, and Product Locker are some of the tools it prides itself in. 

With the advanced settings made easy, AdworkMedia carries a knowledgeable support team that is available all 7 days to offer as much help as the partner needs. The platform is all devices friendly with extra offers at the unique feed of Offer Wall for mobile users. Offer wall is the sub-platform of AdworkMedia where it offers its partners to monetize their content. Upgrades are created for more content, and there are offers of unlocking premiums for the consumer. At AdworkMedia, the partners do not need to charge the customers anything but with the help of the Offer Wall tool, they can earn upgrades or premium content. This results in higher user engagement and more profit from your content. The partner gets full control over the Offer Wall themes, text, and monetization settings.

Adworkmedia Payment Info

AdWork Media pays publishers via PayPal, Check, Bitcoin, ACH Direct Deposit/Wire, Payoneer, Payza, or Western Union. All publishers start on a NET-30 payment schedule but can quickly move to NET-15 or fast. The minimum payout is USD 35.

Adworkmedia Publisher Eligibility

AdWorkMedia does not require you to have any minimum traffic to join them. However, the network only approves functional sites. The site must be content-based and not a collection of ads or promote illegal activity, hate material,  and such.

Adworkmedia Ad Formats

AdWorkMedia helps publishers monetize via:

Content Locker Ads: These allow you to block access to specific content in exchange for action from the user.

Product Locker: These allow you to block access to some products in exchange for some action from the user.

Offer Wall: These act like a mini-store in an app and list offers. 

Banner Rotator: These rotate banner ads that users on the website see every time it is refreshed. 

Adworkmedia Faq

AdWork Media publishers can use our automated money-making tools, such as their Content Locker, Product Locker, Offer Wall, Global Traffic Monetizer, Banner Rotator, and other exclusive publisher tools. Your account earns a commission each time a user completes the campaign's required action (download, sign up, survey, purchase, etc.).

Yes, AdWork Media fully supports mobile traffic and desktop traffic on campaigns and tools. Their money-making tools automatically target OS-specific offers to your users, such as campaigns targeted for Android, iOS, and other mobile and tablet devices.

Yes, AdWork Media publishers have access to a vast selection of global campaigns that can monetize traffic from nearly any country.

Publishers have access to advanced tools such as real-time tracking services (postback S2S) for completed campaigns, smart banner rotators, Content Lockers, Product Lockers, Offer Walls, Global Traffic Monetizer, Campaign API & Tracking API services, and a powerful tracking platform to monitor your success. All accounts are also matched with a personal Performance Manager that can help you determine which campaigns fit best with your promotion strategy.

Yes, campaign restrictions vary according to the Advertiser. However, all campaigns follow a strict SPAM-free policy. AdWork Media has a zero-tolerance policy for phishing, spamming, misleading advertising, and other inappropriate promotion strategies.

Adworkmedia Products

AdworkMedia has come up with a unique way to monetize the content and products on its platform. It offers the consumer the opportunity to have access to the content of their choice without paying anything. They have come up with the idea of a Product Locker and Content Locker which makes the task a lot pocket friendly for the publisher as well as the consumer.