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Automatad Description

Automatad is a publisher-focused firm that offers the most comprehensive package of programmatic monetization technologies on the market today. Because of its subject-matter expertise and the reliability of its solutions, it is now handling the programmatic requirements for more than 100 publications worldwide. Prebid Wrapper and Adapter, Header Bidding integration with AMP, Ad Refresh, and a cutting-edge Yield Management Platform are some of the monetization tools in its suite.

Automatad Features and Capabilities


Automatad Publisher Eligibility

Publishers need to have at least 500,000 page views per month to join Automatad. The website must contain original content. Automatad works with publishers who are primarily from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and India.

Automatad Ad Formats

Automatad offers the following ad formats:

Video Ads: These are informative content made in the form of videos. 

Gallery Ads: These are swipeable, image-based ad formats. 

Sidebar Ads: These are vertically-oriented banner ads.

Footer Ads: These are a form of display ads.

Automatad Faq

No, Automatad does not provide services for mobile app publishers or YouTube publishers.

No. Automatad provides publishers with the flexibility to make the best decisions to grow their revenue. It allows publishers to start without signing any lock-in contract and opt-out simply by giving a notice period.

Automatad helps publishers connect with major demand partners, including Google Ad Exchange, Amazon, Xandr, OpenX, Pubmatic, Magnite, Sharethrough, Criteo, Sovrn, 33Across, Pulsepoint, Verizon Media, GumGum, Synacor Media, Epsilon, and 40+ other SSPs and exchanges.

Automatad's reporting dashboard is an all-in-one analytics tool that helps publishers understand the historical and current performance of demand partners, as well as key performance indicators such as eCPMs, CTRs, ad viewability, total ad revenue, and more based on devices and geographies.