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Technology business BridTV, which offers an enterprise-level video monetization solution, is rapidly expanding. They are committed to assisting their publishers in expanding and profiting from their various audiences because of their potent HTML5 player, cutting-edge video platform, and content management system. With locations in Belgrade and Los Angeles, BridTV is quickly moving up the online video publishing and advertising eco-system.

The media streaming services offered by BridTV utilize a wide range of AWS services, including RDS, Redshift, EC2, S3, and CloudFront. StormIT has been assisting Brid in reducing the expenses associated with its worldwide infrastructure so it can continue to generate a profit and support its rapid expansion while offering its publishers high-quality video streaming services. Features and Capabilities Payment Info

BRID will pay Publisher only for months in which earned revenue exceeds $100 for the month. BRID reserves the right to charge an ad-serving fee to cover actual ad-serving costs. Revenue which is not paid to Publisher in any month will be credited to the account of the Publisher and paid later when accrued revenue exceeds $100.00. Brid follows a 30 days payment cycle. Publisher Eligibility

Your website or app must have at least 100,000 monthly visitors to be eligible to monetize with Brid.TV Marketplace. Ad Formats Faq