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Advertising Disclosure

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Clarip is a software that helps publishers manage their Data Subject Access Requests and stay compliant with laws like the GDPR and CCPA. These are laws that govern the data of European and Calfornian residents respectively. Regardless of where your business is located if you have audience memeners who are European or Californian residents, you have to stay complaint with these laws. Clarip helps you avoid heavy data fines and losing your audience's trust as a result of not following these laws or being careless with their data. 

Clarip Products

  • Privacy HUB- With this product, you can scan your website for data leaks and stop them before they become a risk.
  • Data Flow Analyzer- Using the Data Flow analyzer, you can visualize and manage vendor data flows
  • Annual Audit- This product offers an annual "Website/Cloud/Tech Stack" Scan with Gap Analysis
  • Automated Data Mapping- With this product, you can scan thousands of databases and identify sensitive data.
  • Data Discovery- This product allows you to auto-scan your network and discover PII data sources
  • File Scanner- With this product, you can scan petabytes of unstructured data
  • Universal Consent and Preferences- This product gives you centralized Consent APIs and enforcement.
  • Cookie Consent- Inform your audience about cookies on your site with this product.
  • Vendor Monitoring and Inventory- Ensure that your third-party vendors are responsible with your audience data with this product.
  • Vendor Risk Assessments- Reduce chances of vendor risk with this product.
  • DSR Portal- This product automates the process of fulfilling DSR requests.
  • Do not Sell/ Do not Share- With this; you can fully automate DNS requests and prevent third-party tracking.
  • Privacy Center- This product allows you to manage notices and offer clarity and transparency to your audience via layered privacy policies.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments- With this product, you can automate PIAs, DPIAs, and easily stay compliant with privacy laws

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Clarip Features and Capabilities

  • Privacy and Legal: Comply with privacy laws like VA CDPA, CO CPA, China PIPL, LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, and more.
  • C-Suite- With this feature, you can minimize and manage privacy risks, improve customer engagement, and more.
  • It & Security- Clarip empowers IT executives with the information and tools needed to manage data privacy risks from third-party libraries, software platforms, and cloud services.
  • Risk & Compliance- This feature helps you minimize privacy risks, easily enforce policies without IT, and more.
  • Marketing- Clairp offers marketing services such as email marketing. 


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Clarip Key Facts

  • Clarip offers a platform that automates the process of responding to data subject access requests.
  • Clarip's platform provides compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws worldwide.
  • Clarip provides expert support to help businesses navigate complex privacy regulations and ensure compliance with data protection laws.
  • Clarip uses hybrid AI. 

Clarip Pricing

Clarip has three plans. Silver, Gold, and Enterprise. For each, you can get a quote by contacting Clarip. The Enterprise package offers custom quotes. The Silver package contains simplified privacy policy services, a technology scan, privacy risk scores,
privacy policy hosting, unlimited page views for your privacy policy, version control, unlimited revisions, privacy certification
privacy trust seal with real-time validation and applies to 1 website/app/brand and 1 mobile app.

The Gold Package has everything offered in the Silver Package and offers dispute resolution platform, interactive privacy policies, customer preference management with a standard landing page, multi-policy support, privacy shield and GDPR compliance, risk dashboards, data breach report, software inventory manager to assess privacy risks for 1 item, a regulation gap analysis report for your technology, and it applies to unlimited websites, apps and brands.

The Enterprise package offers everything offered in the Gold package and gives these additional benefits-

  • Private Cloud Architecture
  • Multi-Region support
  • Customer Preference Management with Custom landing pages
  • Software Inventory Manager to assess Privacy Risks (Unlimited)
  • Enterprise-Wide Policy Manager
  • Privacy Threats Report
  • Advanced-Data Breach Report
  • APPS and IoT-specific Policy Manager
  • APIs
  • Enterprise Privacy Frameworks
  • Industry-specific data sets, disclosure, and consent forms

Clarip FAQ

Yes, Clarip helps publishers stay compliant with the GDPR. GDPR is a law governing the data of European nationals, regardless of where your business is located. Clarip also helps you stay compliant with other privacy laws, such as the CCPA.

Clarip offers three different packages, Silver, Gold and Enterprise. Enterprise offers custom quotations based on the needs of your business.

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