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Advertising Disclosure

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With Osano, you can manage user data and stay compliant with the GDPR. The GDPR is a law that governs the data of European nationals. If you have a European audience, you have to stay compliant with the GDPR regardless of where you are based. Osano also helps you manage user data and avoid heavy privacy fines. Proper management of user data can also build trust with your audience as it signals reliability and transparency. 

Osano Products

  • Consent Management- Osano allows you to manage cookie consent for your audience. 
  • Subject Rights- With Osano, you can easily verify a data subject's identity, assign inbound requests to the correct person, and then deliver results to the data subject in the timeframe required by law.
  • Data Discovery- Osano has an AI-driven Data Discovery product that easily and automatically finds, classifies and evaluates all your data across all your systems.
  • Vendor Management- With Osano, you can ensure that the vendors you share customer data with are responsibly handling said data. 
  • Regulatory Guidance- Osano provides you with a dedicated team of attorneys ready to help you stay on top of legislative developments in privacy laws. 
  • Assessments- With Osano, you can conduct, manage, and track DPIAs, RoPAs, from a central, secure location.
  • Legal Templates- From privacy policy, and cookie policy to DPA, Osano provides easy-to-understand legal templates for your privacy program.
  • Consult Privacy Team- Osano's attorneys and certified information privacy professionals help you know which privacy laws to stay compliant with and how. 
  • GDPR Representative- Osano can act your organization's GDPR representative. 

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Osano Features and Capabilities

  • Consent Management: Osano helps publishers collect and manage user consent.
  • Website Scanning: The platform offers a website scanner that automatically detects cookies, tracking technologies, and other data collection practices on a website. This can help publishers maintain audience trust. 
  • Data Subject Requests: Osano streamlines the process of managing data subject requests by providing a centralized platform to track and fulfil requests from users.
  • Vendor Risk Management: With Osano, you can assess and manage the privacy risks associated with third-party vendors and partners.
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Osano Key Facts

Osano has pledged that for every Enterprise plan user, if they have implemented Osano tools correctly and followed the terms and conditions, Osano will pay any privacy fine that occurs up to $200,00 USD. Terms and conditions apply to this pledge though. 

Osano Pricing

Osano has several plans. It also offers a 30-day free trial, and its first plan, Developer, is free. The second plan is the Business plan, which is intended for small businesses. It is priced at Rs. 8,204 INR monthly and allows 2 users, 2 domains, and 10 monitored vendors. The next plan is Bussiness+. This is priced at a monthly Rs. 16,410 and allows 5 users and 4 domains. The last is the Enterprise plan which offers custom pricing but begins at Rs. 45,047 monthly. It allows unlimited users. 

Osano FAQ

Osano is designed to help businesses stay compliant with laws like GDPR. GDPR is a law that governs the data of European citizens regardless of where your company is based.

Osano has several pricing plans that begin with the free Developer plan and end with the Enterprise plan. While the Enterprise plan gives you custom quotes, it begins at a minimum of Rs. 45, 047.

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