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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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ClickBank is a leading global retailer with its own marketplace that enables sellers and entrepreneurs to grow their sales with their global affiliate network. ClickBank assures you quality  products, high commissions, and reliable payments. 

ClickBank has been chosen as the preferred marketplace for more than 100,000 affiliates as they have paid over USD 6 billion in commissions on time for more than 25 years. 

Quick Facts
Dedicated Account Manager
Global Fill Rates

ClickBank Features and Capabilities

  • They have an impeccable reputation for reliable payments and they have not missed a payment since launching in 1999.
  • It  offers some of the highest commissions in the industry, including Revenue Share and CPA. Their custom order forms lead to higher conversions. 
  • Their comprehensive product approval ensures all products are vetted for FDA/FTC compliance, and they monitor product quality rates based on refunds.
  • Their device-level tracking ensures you get paid for every single sale. 
  • They offer dedicated account management, plus access to exclusive networking events to build strategic partnerships.
  • ClickBank’s Spark platform educates new and existing affiliates with in-depth online marketing training.
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ClickBank Key Facts

  • For nearly 25 years, ClickBank has been a trusted global partner for product sellers and affiliate marketers looking to build, market, and scale their businesses online.
  • It has  paid out more than $5 billion to its customers, without missing a payment.
  • It is a powerful e-commerce platform with a vast affiliate marketplace. 

ClickBank Geos Served

ClickBank works in over 190 countries and has expanded it so much in over 25 years of experience. 

ClickBank Revenue Share

You can choose to get paid in either of these options:

  • Revenue Sharing: You will get paid a percentage of each share and you will be able to earn more cash with the upsells and generate recurring revenue with rebills.
  • Cost Per Action: You will get paid a set dollar amount and will be able to scale faster with ad spend. The earnings would be guaranteed.

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