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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

ClickMeter is a link, affiliate, and conversion tracking software that monitors, compares, and optimizes all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate. It helps publishers check and verify the visibility they provide for their clients. It shares results in real-time and helps increase the trust to gain more clients over time. It helps affiliates manage and track all their links and commissions in one platform.

Use ClickMeter to certify your visibility that you sell and increase client base. It gives more power to your links. It allows marketing agencies and professionals to create and manage more effective online campaigns.

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ClickMeter Features and Capabilities

  • Certify visibility: Certify the visibility via views, clicks, or conversions you provide for your clients.
  • Share results: Share results with your clients in real time.
  • Increase trust: Increase trust and gain more clients.
  • Vanity links: This helps shorten the links and customize them with your domain names.
  • Real visitors: Helps recognize clicks that come from single visitors or spiders and detect multiple clicks.
  • Split test optimizer: Helps A/B test with multiple destination URLs to find out what is the best message.
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ClickMeter Key Facts

For publishers, ClickMeter helps certify visibility via views, clicks or conversions they provide for their clients. It helps share results with the clients in real-time and increase trust and gain more clients. 

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ClickMeter offers solutions that suit agencies, affiliates, advertisers and publishers. 

ClickMeter FAQ

There is no signup fee, cancellation fee, or minimum term. You can use ClickMeter for as short or as long as you need. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Yes, depending on the plan. If applicable, you can use one or more top-level domains ( or subdomains ( to create your short-tracking links.

ClickMeter is a web-based service requiring no software to install or code to write. After subscribing, you will be ready in minutes.

ClickMeter is a complete and definitive tool that allows you to manage redirection, track events, and monitor the status of all your external links (traffic sources). The alternative is to use three different tools that specialize in redirecting, tracking, and monitoring links.

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