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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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ClickMagick provides ad tracking and attribution without any chaos. It provides an accurate way to track your clicks and ads and optimize the marketing based on actual results. It ensures accurate statistics, well-attributed conversions, and optimized ads. The objective at ClickMagick is to provide a single source of truth and with TrueTracking, you can see your true results, actionable stats, and KPIs in one place.

ClickMagick Products

ClickMagick provides a variety of products like:

TrueTracking: Shows your true results, and all the actionable stats and KPIs you need, all in one place.

Optimize: Help optimize based on your actual results, and automatically sends your true conversion data back to your ad networks for perfect ad optimization and increased ROI.

ClickMagick Features and Capabilities

  • TrueTracking: Provides accurate data including your results, stats, and KPIs in one place.
  • Better ad performance with lower costs: Helps optimize like a pro based on actual results and allows you to automatically send your true conversion data back to your ad network.
  • Cross-device targeting: Offers true cross-device tracking, so you can track and optimize even as visitors constantly switch devices.
  • Advanced attribution modeling: Provides deeper insights and better optimization with advanced Multi-Touch Attribution Models — like Linear, Position-Based, and Time-Decay.
  • Track phone and offline sales: This helps easily and accurately track your offline conversions, all the way back to the ad or promotional piece that generated the customer.
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ClickMagick Key Facts

ClickMagick has over nine years of innovation, has processed billions of clicks and input from thousands of users, and offers a powerful click-tracking and conversion attribution platform that exists for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, e-commerce stores and small businesses of all types.

ClickMagick FAQ

ClickMagick can only help if you already have a website, landing page, or online store that you’re already sending traffic to, or one that you’re ready to start promoting right now. If you’re still setting up your web pages or still “learning the ropes” and you’re not ready to start advertising right now, then you should wait and sign up for ClickMagick when you’re ready.

Unlike some other platforms that are only for Shopify stores, or only for Facebook ads, with ClickMagick you can literally track and optimize everything that you do online. You can track any traffic source. You can track your social media activity. You can track your emails. And you can even track actions on your own site — for example, a user clicking a specific button on a page. Not only that, but you can also optimize for any action or conversion that you want.

ClickMagick is unaffected by the changes. Their three tracking systems- ClickMagick campaigns, tracking links, and rotators are all unaffected. 

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