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Advertising Disclosure

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TrackingDesk is a conversion tracking platform that helps you scale. It helps you track, measure, optimize and improve the performance of your campaigns. Using it, you can connect your stack with your favorite ad networks, traffic sources, and affiliate networks. It is packed with features built for performance marketers. Their ever-expanding ad network’s integrations allow you to instantly add new networks and precisely attribute conversions.

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TrackingDesk Products

TrackingDesk is a conversion tracking and attribution platform for performance marketers. The platform’s flexibility allows you to implement it across any type of marketing flow, and any marketing context.

  • Top 10 Review Sites: Run your Top 10 Review campaigns across any type of ad networks, and instantly optimize traffic sources and traffic distribution.
  • Funnel Tracking: Benefit from 5 built-in conversion goals to optimize your sales funnels.
  • Agency Solution: Add your attribution data layer on top of your advertisers to get full credit for your marketing performances.
  • Smart Link Campaigns: Build your own smartlinks and monetize any type of traffic using custom targeting rules such as device targeting, OS, Browser, Language or day parting.
  • Referral Partners: Easily track referral partners conversions and send them conversion reports to their marketing tools or reports.
  • Lead Generation: Built in features to collect, track and pass lead generation data across your marketing stack.

TrackingDesk Features and Capabilities

  • Analytics and actionable insights: Helps gain access to actionable campaign insights. Group, filter, slice, and pivot literally any type of campaign attributes so you can pinpoint, your most valuable traffic and audience attributes.
  • Zapier integration: Helps connect your marketing stack with Zapier and leverage your campaign data across different channels, attribute conversions to subscribers or provide reporting access to media partners, clients, or remote workers.
  • Popular marketing flows: PPC, Native, Social Media, or SEO, TrackingDesk has you fully covered.
  • Tailored for search campaigns: Fully compliant with Google Ads and Bing Ads, so you can work with confidence.
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TrackingDesk Key Facts

  • TrackingDesk is a conversion tracking platform that helps you scale with confidence.
  • It helps track, measure, optimize and improve your campaigns over and over again. 
  • Once you start using TrackingDesk, you instantly gain access to actionable campaign insights.

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