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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Coinis is an advertising technology firm that offers distinctive monetization options to its publishers and affiliates while offering its advertisers highly engaging ad units supported by precision targeting. They help monetize traffic by placing proprietary ad tags that display different ad formats across the internet. Coinis' features an intuitive dashboard with easy-to-understand graphics, comprehensive statistics and advanced reporting to optimize targetting and ensure higher revenues and performace. Coinis is active in a variety of fields such as:

Web push - They can discuss significant worldwide volumes and precise targeting when it comes to their push traffic, thanks to a sizable push base amassed over the course of four or more years.

Search feed monetization - They have teamed up with numerous extension owners all around the world, assisting them in making money off of their offerings and teaching them the actual concept of passive income. All your search assets will be made profitable by the premium search feeds.

Publisher Monetisation - There are numerous well-liked ad formats accessible, including in-page push, push rev-share, push CPS, and contextual ads.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
High CPMs
Multiple Formats
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Privacy Compliant
Brand Safe

Coinis Products

Coinis helps you increase revenue by displaying intent-centric content through the following solutions:

  • Affiliated Programs: Coinis provides top-performing affiliate programs in various niches, from globally renowned brands like AliExpress, Amazon, Shein, Adobe, Courserra and others.
  • Browser Extensions: You can add their proprietary tag to enhance your users' customer journey with relevant ads.
  • Contextual Targeting: You can maximize your ad revenue through contextually relevant ads to drive user engagement.
  • Push Notifications: Collect and monetise your push subscribers to maximize your traffic potential.

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Coinis Features and Capabilities

  • Top-performing Ad Formats: It contributes to revenue growth by presenting intent-centric content through all top-converting formats, device types, and GEOs. Earn money by offering pertinent results via Search Feeds from potent search engines.
  • Brand-safe Advertising: 100% secure ads 
  • Push Notifications: You can improve engagement through push ads to maximize your traffic potential with over 150 million push subscribers.
  • High eRPM: To achieve the maximum revenue potential of your ad inventory.
  • Automation Rules: Smart campaign setup to eliminate unwanted budget leaks.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: User-friendly dashboard that facilitates easy navigation.

Coinis Payment Info

Publishers are paid revenue once a month if they reach the minimum payout amount. The minimum payout amount for wire transfer is USD 1000. The minimum payout amount for Payoneer and PayPal is 100 USD. 

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Coinis Key Facts

  • Coinis helps you increase revenue by displaying intent-centric content across top-converting formats, for various device types in all geos
  • Their comprehensive advertising ecosystem empowers publishers to monetise their traffic on all fronts, irrespective of verticals.

Coinis Geos Served

Coinis offers global coverage and is digitally active in more than 220 countries. They work with publishers and advertisers worldwide and serve more than 100 million ad impressions per day.

Coinis Publisher Eligibility

The publishers looking to partner with Coinis must consider the following:

  • You must have access to the website's administration panel, including HTML source code to properly place the Coinis is file and ad tag.
  • Only register with websites that you own.
  • They do not accept websites hosted on free hosting or ones that contain adult content.
  • The publisher must create unique content that is relevant to their visitors.
  • Search ads is a huge step ahead and they need 100k tier 1 traffic per day.

Coinis Ad Formats

Coinis offers the following ad formats:

  • Contextual Ads: Contextual ads are a type of advertising that uses the content of a webpage to determine what ads to show. 
  • Push Ads: (Based on rev-share and CPS), short notifications that appear on your desktop or mobile browser. They typically include an icon, a headline, and some text. Push Ads are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile divide even when they’re not browsing.
  • In-page Push: These ads are actually banner ads, but they resemble standard push notifications design-wise. A combo of pop-ups and push notifications, so there are no restrictions. 

Coinis FAQ

While CPS provides instant payouts for each push notification, there are benefits from rev-share as well. When you use the CPS model, you will instantly get paid out and the future performance of subscribers does not concern you anymore. On the other hand, Rev-Share option for push, the payout depends on the performance of your subscription basis. If you have an engaging audience, Rev-share is a great option.

Yes. Native to search is a great option for your extension. By including the search feed monetisation, you will have access to all goes where regular feeds are not as competitive.

It is free.

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Coinis Reviews

3.7 / 5
Overall Rating

Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value for Money

More a CPA Centric Ad Network

I tried their contextual and push notifications ads on one of my websites. The overall website layout looks professional; however, their ads are more towards the CPA niche. Eventually, your traffic needs to convert for the ads to see some money coming in. I didn’t really like their ads and thus had to remove the code after some time.

  1. They have a good overall site layout and decent customer support.
  1. The ads were little obstrusive for the visitors and thus I had to remove their script.

Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value For Money