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Cookiefirst Description

Cookiefirst is a user and cookie consent management platform that assists website owners in ensuring compliance with the GDPR, and CCPA. It helps build audience trust and avoid heavy fines by enabling publishers to manage user consent and cookie consent. Cookie consent is informing your audience about the cookies used on your site and how they are used. Thus, they can give informed consent when accepting cookies on your website. 

Cookiefirst Features and Capabilities

  • 3rd Party script management- With Cookiefirst, you can manage your third-party scripts and cookies and block them before consent
  • Cookie Scan- Scan your website for cookies every month with this feature. 
  • Cookie Declaration- Cookiefirst automatically generates and updates your cookie policy.
  • Consent audit trail- Your visitor’s consents are logged and placed in an anonymous and encrypted database. You can view audit trails of your visitor's consents and see their statuses at a particular moment in time.
  • Cross-domain consent- Ask for consent once for multiple domains and subdomains with Cookiefirst. 
  • Banner customization- Get a custom cookie banner.
  • Language Management- Add and customize languages easily. 

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Cookiefirst Key Facts

  • Cookiefirst offers services in 40+ languages.
  • The platform has integrations with Google Tag Manager and Google Consent Mode.
  • It has a quick and easy set-up.
  • Vigue has worked with Cookiefirst. 

Cookiefirst Pricing

Cookiefirst offers a free plan as well as paid plans with more features, including monthly cookie scans, banner customization, consent statistics, and opt-in rate optimization. The Enterprise plan provides customised solutions and extensive API integration support. All plans come with a variety of features, including multiple languages, white-label banners, consent audit trails, and scanner settings.

Cookiefirst Faq

Yes, you can customize banners on Cookiefirst.

While Cookifirst has several plans, the Enterprise plan is the one that offers custom pricing and tailored solutions depending on your website's needs.

Cookiefirst Products

  • Cookie Banner and Consent Management Panel- With Cookiefirst you get a customizable cookie banner and consent management panel for easy compliance with GDPR, LGPD and CCPA, with features to manage cookies and third-party scripts, view consent statistics and optimize opt-in rates.

  • Compliance- The platform helps publishers comply with GDPR's cookie laws and the CCPA.