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Advertising Disclosure

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Seersco is a  privacy platform designed to help publishers comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR. The platform provides tools to manage user consent and cookie consent, allowing publishers to build trust with their audience and avoid costly fines. Seersco's cookie consent solution enables users to make informed decisions on whether to accept or reject cookies. 

Seersco Products

  • Consent Management- This solution allows for easy installation and customization of a cookie banner, ensuring compliance with GDPR Art 5, 7, 12 and 30, while also providing auto-blocking of cookies, regular scans and analytic reports, and full customisation options such as child privacy consent management and webhooks/consent integrations.
  • Assessments & Certifications- This solution includes GDPR audit and GDPR training. 
  • Documentation & Policies- These solutions help you create your own data protection pack and also comply with privacy laws. 
  • Subject Request Management- Seersco helps you manage subject requests. 
  • DPIA- Data Protection Impact Assessment is a process that helps organizations identify and mitigate risks associated with processing personal data.
  • Vendor Assessment- The platform helps with vendor assessment. 
  • Data eDiscovery- Seesrco helps with Data e-discovery.
  • Breach Management- Seersco gives you a set of procedures and actions to manage and respond to data breaches effectively.
  • Consent Management Platform- The software provides you with a consent management platform. 

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Seersco Features and Capabilities

  • Seersco is a privacy platform designed to help publishers comply with data privacy regulations.
  • The platform provides publishers with tools for managing user consent and cookie consent to build trust with the audience and avoid fines.
  • Offers a range of services, including GDPR audit, policies pack, and templates pack to ensure compliance with privacy laws.
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Seersco Key Facts

  • Seersco is trusted by over 50,000+ businesses, including Hubspot.
  • Founded in London in 2018 , Seersco was created to help SMEs & Enterprises meet the ongoing compliance
    challenges related to privacy regulations.

Seersco Pricing

The company offers several packages for businesses and publishers for assessment and policies. The Basic package is free and provides a GDPR audit. The Silver package costs £99.99 and includes a GDPR audit, Policies Pack, and Templates Pack. The Gold package, priced at £199.99, offers the same features as the Silver package with an additional Templates Pack. The Platinum package, the most expensive at £599.99, includes all the features of the Gold package with even more Templates Pack. Each package provides a GDPR audit, while the more expensive ones offer additional policies and templates to help businesses comply with GDPR regulations.

They also have an additional hourly package to train your staff about GDPR regulations.

Seersco offers these packages for cookie consent management. The free plan includes one domain, 300 consent logs per domain, no branding, and basic customer support. The Basic plan costs £6.66 per month and includes one domain, 100,000 consent logs per domain, branding with your own logo, and flexible integrations with auto-blocking and geolocation. The PRO+ plan, £13.33 per month, includes one domain, 300,000 consent logs per domain, branding with your logo, unlimited analytics and reporting, and flexible integrations with auto-blocking and geolocation. The ULTIMATE plan costs £24.99 per month and includes one domain, 1,000,000 consent logs per domain, branding, unlimited analytics and reporting, flexible integrations with auto-blocking and geolocation, and additional flexible integrations. All plans exclude VAT.

Seersco FAQ

Yes, Seersco helps publishers stay compliant with GDPR laws which are European data laws. Regardless of where you are located, if you have European audience, you have to comply with the GDPR.

No, Seersco has set pricing plans which are dependent on the services you, as a publisher, require. There is also an hourly package to train your team in being GDPR compliant.

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