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Advertising Disclosure

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Cpamatica is a top-tier CPA network offering over 1000 exclusive offers in mainstream and casual dating, games, and streaming verticals. Established in 2015, Cpamatica is known for high-quality traffic, weekly payments, a robust loyalty program, and personalized support from experienced affiliate managers, ensuring optimal results for both affiliates and advertisers​.

Affiliates benefit from Cpamatica's cutting-edge tools like the in-house Smartlink tool, which allows for efficient traffic management and optimization, various payment methods, and low minimum payout thresholds. Cpamatica also provides 24/7 support, professional guidance, and access to high-converting offers, making it an ideal partner for performance-driven marketers​.

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Cpamatica Products

Cpamatica offers a range of high-converting products to maximize affiliate earnings. Here are the key offerings:

  • Dating Offers: Cpamatica specializes in mainstream and casual dating offers, providing exclusive in-house and white-label options that cater to a global audience, ensuring high conversion rates.

  • Gaming Offers: The network features diverse gaming offers available across multiple devices and languages. These high-converting offers include payment models like PPS, with payouts up to $100 per conversion.

  • Streaming Offers: Cpamatica's streaming offers focus on video streaming and live entertainment, providing affiliates with lucrative opportunities through various commission structures​.

These products, combined with advanced tracking and optimization tools, help affiliates achieve maximum earnings.

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Cpamatica Features and Capabilities

Cpamatica offers a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities designed to enhance affiliate marketing success:

  • High-Converting Offers: With over 1000 offers in dating, gaming, and streaming verticals, Cpamatica provides a wide range of high-converting opportunities to maximize affiliate revenue.

  • Weekly Payments: Affiliates benefit from reliable weekly payouts every Thursday, with minimum thresholds as low as $50 for Payoneer and Paxum, and $300 for cryptocurrency​.

  • Advanced Tracking Tools: The in-house Smartlink tool and custom tracking software allow for efficient traffic management and precise monitoring to boost conversion rates​.

  • Personalized Support: Dedicated affiliate managers provide 24/7 support, assisting with offer selection, campaign optimization, and market insights to enhance performance​.

  • Loyalty Program: The Cpamate Club rewards affiliates with points for their earnings, which can be redeemed for various prizes, incentivizing higher traffic and increased earnings.

Cpamatica Payment Info

Cpamatica processes payments weekly every Thursday, with minimum payout thresholds of $50 for Payoneer, Paxum, and PayPal, $150 for Capitalist and cryptocurrencies, and $1000 for wire transfers​. New affiliates receive their first payment 15 days after generating their initial lead​.

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Cpamatica Key Facts

  1. High-Converting Offers: Cpamatica provides over 1000 active offers across various verticals, including dating, gaming, and sweepstakes​ 

  2. Top Referral Program: Affiliates can earn a 2% commission on earnings from referrals for 12 months​ 

  3. Exclusive In-House Products: Cpamatica offers in-house dating products without broker commissions, targeting regions like the USA, LATAM, Africa, and India​ 

  4. Innovative Smartlink Tool: The Flow tool allows affiliates to create custom smartlinks for optimized traffic distribution and higher conversion rates​ 

Cpamatica Publisher Eligibility

Cpamatica welcomes publishers of various experience levels, requiring them to share their marketing background and preferred verticals during the registration process. Affiliates must ensure their traffic sources comply with Cpamatica's standards, which include social media, email marketing, SEO/SEM, display ads, and push notifications. Prohibited sources include spam and incentivized traffic. Once registered, affiliates are supported by dedicated managers who help optimize campaigns and ensure compliance with network policie

Cpamatica Pricing

Cpamatica offers competitive and flexible pricing based on performance. Affiliates can choose from various commission models, including CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPS (Cost Per Sale), and Revshare. Minimum payout thresholds are set at $50 for Payoneer and Paxum, $150 for Capitalist, $300 for cryptocurrency, and $1000 for wire transfers. Payments are processed weekly every Thursday, with a 15-day delay for the first payment. This structure ensures timely and efficient compensation for affiliates, enhancing their earning potential with high EPC (Earnings Per Click) through optimized traffic management

Cpamatica Revenue Share

Cpamatica offers revenue share models, allowing affiliates to earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their referred traffic. This model is particularly effective in verticals like dating, gaming, and sweepstakes, providing long-term earning potential for affiliates. Revenue shares can vary based on the offer and traffic quality, ensuring competitive payouts

Cpamatica Ad Formats

Cpamatica supports a variety of ad formats to cater to different traffic sources and campaign needs:

  • Banner Ads: Traditional display ads that can be placed on websites to attract user clicks and drive traffic to offers.

  • Email Marketing: Utilizes targeted email campaigns to reach potential leads directly in their inboxes, driving high engagement and conversions.

  • Push Notifications: Sends clickable messages directly to users' devices, ensuring instant visibility and engagement.

  • Native Ads: Integrates seamlessly with website content, providing a non-intrusive ad experience that blends with the surrounding content.

  • Popunder/Clickunder Ads: Opens ads in a new window behind the current browser window, capturing user attention when they close their primary window.

These formats allow affiliates to choose the best methods to reach their target audience effectively and maximize their campaign performance

Cpamatica FAQ

CPAMatica accepts a variety of traffic types to ensure maximum flexibility and opportunities for affiliates. This includes social media traffic, search traffic, native ads, email marketing, banner ads, and push notifications. Our platform is designed to accommodate diverse traffic sources to optimize campaign performance and achieve the best results for both advertisers and publishers.

CPAMatica takes compliance seriously and has a robust vetting process in place to ensure that all affiliates adhere to our strict promotion guidelines. We require affiliates to follow specific rules for each campaign, and we conduct regular audits to monitor compliance. Additionally, we provide detailed guidelines and support to help affiliates understand and follow the rules, ensuring that all promotions are conducted ethically and effectively.

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