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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Digital Turbine's technology accelerates mobile growth and consumer engagement. The platform supercharges awareness, acquisition and monetization — connecting the partners to more consumers, in more ways, across more devices. Their solutions for app developers reduce obstacles in finding high-quality users your app needs to thrive. It's simplicity and high-impact results combined.

Digital Turbine Products

Digital Turbine helps app developers take their apps to the next level with their product solutions that break the mould to grow the app:

  • Monetization Solution: Offers the best-in-class Mediation, Exchange and Offer Wall, built to deliver in-app revenue with transparency and control.
  • UA Solution: Offers high-impact consumer experiences that provide UA marketers with multiple solutions for increased app installs.
  • DT Hub: Offers premium placement and alternative incremental distribution of apps and games through store-like experiences.

Digital Turbine Features and Capabilities

Digital Turbine helps you grow revenue with the following features:

  • Monetization solutions: Helps grow revenue with high levels of transparency, execution, and diversity of demand.
  • UA solutions: Offer unique touch-points and discovery experiences throughout the user journey.
  • DT Hub: Helps unlock incremental distribution of your apps and games through premium placement on leading carrier devices.
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Digital Turbine Key Facts

Digital Turbine is the leading independent mobile growth platform and levels up the landscape for advertisers, publishers, carriers and OEMs. By integrating a full ad stack with proprietary technology built into devices by wireless operators and OEMs, Digital Turbine supercharges advertising and monetization. 

Digital Turbine Ad Formats

Digital Turbine offers the following ad formats:

  • Interstitial ads
  • Rewarded ads
  • Banner ads

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