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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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ironSource is a mobile app monetization platform that helps maximize your app revenue. It helps monetize your mobile app across every ad unit with access to premium demand from today’s top games and brands.

ironSource Products

ironSource offers various products like:

  • In-app bidding
  • A/B testing, and
  • ironSource segmentation tool.

ironSource Features and Capabilities

ironSource helps publishers earn maximum revenue from the apps with the following features:

  • Maximize the value of impressions with in-app bidding: Gives developers of all sizes access to a real-time auction among all the top bidding networks, so you get to maximize yield, generate more revenue, and reduce time spent on operations.
  • A/B test strategy: Helps optimize your monetization strategy with a full suite of 3 powerful A/B testing tools that make it easy to test anything from user segments to ad units. Then analyze the impact and make informed decisions with accurate revenue reporting.
  • Customize ad flow: This helps create a better user experience and increase revenue with the ironSource segmentation tool, allowing you to build custom ad flows for different player segments.
  • Premium global demand: Increase revenue by benefiting from our partnerships with the world’s top brand and game advertisers.

ironSource Payment Info

ironSource pays publishers the revenue earned in a monthly payment cycle. Payment terms are Net 60, meaning that ironSource will make payments within 60 days after the end of each calendar month. You can set your own minimum for payments, but you must have earned enough through monetization to afford the payment fees for the payment method of your choice.  If you don’t meet the minimum you’ve determined, your revenue will continue to accrue until the next payment cycle. The following payment methods are available:

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • eCheck 
  • ACH
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ironSource Key Facts

ironSource helps app owners monetize the app with ads from the world’s top advertisers. From high-impact rewarded videos and playable to interstitials and banners/MREC, developers can leverage every available ad unit to engage users. It has all ad units and provides premium global demand to increase revenue. 

ironSource Ad Formats

ironSource offers various ad formats to publishers like:

  • Banners/MREC
  • Rewarded interstitial
  • Video interstitials
  • Offerwall
  • Rewarded video.

ironSource FAQ

To start monetizing your mobile app, you have to open your account with them and verify your sign-up. You have to add your app to your account>Download and integrate the SDK> and Select and activate the ad units>You will receive two emails> Reply to the emails with the requested information.

Until your account is approved, you’ll see a header in your dashboard stating your status: 1. Pending approval 2. Approved 3. Denied When your account is approved, you’ll be notified by email, and live ads will be served immediately.

User management is a tool that supports team collaboration on your ironSource account. You can create a unique user login and profile for anyone who needs access to your ironSource account. For each user, you can assign corresponding privileges that allow different levels of access and control of the account.

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