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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Eyeota is an excellent data monetization platform that works with brands, publishers, and data owners to onboard, enrich and activate data assets. This audience technology platform transforms data into addressable, privacy-compliant audiences that reach new customers, enhance marketing analytics, deepen insights, and boost omnichannel campaign performance.

Eyeota helps marketers understand how to reach their best customers, amplify their brand and grow their business. With over 5 billion unique user IDs, their data has the global scale and local relevance that you need to identify, reach and engage your best customers.

Eyeota Features and Capabilities

  • Audience Marketplace: This enables marketers to influence consumers with a robust set of audiences built on demographics, intent, interest, past purchases, purchases, industry verticals, and seasonal events.
  • Branded  Audiences: Complements marketing strategy with audiences from premium offline and online data owners and research companies.
  • Custom Audiences: Works with you to create custom audience segments matched to specific brand KPIs and built to deliver very powerful, accurate, and results-driven campaigns.
  • Eyeota Translate: Combines online and offline data and creates B2B and B2C audiences that can be distributed across the digital advertising ecosystem.
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Eyeota Key Facts

  • A team of data scientists and audience experts work with data partners to help assess their data assets and business objectives.
  • Committed to creating a powerful culture of inclusivity
  • The quality of their audience data segments has been independently audited and verified

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