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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site. is the leading partnership management platform in the world, transforming how businesses are managed and enhancing all types of partnerships like traditional rewards affiliates, commerce content publishers, influencers, B2B, etc. Impact connects with 2500 partners, allowing publishers easier and faster payment. The publishers could earn money from both content and commerce content partnerships.

Through Comprehensive tracking, the publisher could earn revenue through retail sales, lead generation, travel bookings, clicks, mobile or web app installs, downloads, and calls across the web, TV, print & radio. Publishers could use the customizable & streamlined contracting process, which makes it easy to agree upon the correct terms for the business. The publishers don’t need to implement a tag on their site, which can start letting them work with their brand partners without much technical fuss.

Impact Products

Impact offers the following solutions:

Discover and recruit,




Protect and monitor, and


Impact Features and Capabilities

  • The publishers may serve only those brand collaborations they uniquely qualify for, then select those options based on compensation type — flat fee, noncash/gifting, performance, or bids. The publisher could choose platforms compatible with the content strategy, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • Keeping the partnerships on track with easy-to-follow tasks, clear deadlines, and a direct messaging feature that brings the brand in direct contact with the publishers is easy.
  • Income stream and increased earnings could be diversified by the publisher simply by getting an affiliate link or unique promo code.
  • Flexibility in negotiating terms helps determine which platforms the publishers want to monetize; the publisher could control their brand partnerships and accurately orient compensation to their value.
  • Work with mobile-focused brands.
  • The deep linking technology automatically shifts the traffic to the correct spot in the app, mobile website, or app store.
  • By logging into one account, the publisher could have access to tracking and reporting for all the partnerships under one roof.

Impact Payment Info offers flexible payment processing. Publishers can withdraw funds on a set day each month or whenever their balance reaches the established threshold. Publishers can work with brands in any country and get paid via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal in whatever currency they choose. 

As you satisfy the terms of your contract, advertisers will automatically credit your account accordingly. You set a payment threshold that works for you, deciding the minimum amount you’d like to see your account balance hit before you get paid. Once your account balance reaches that number, you can:
1. Get paid by an automated clearing house. This sweeping payment system runs twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th) and makes a direct deposit to your bank account.
2. Get paid by Paypal. This option adds a 2% processing fee capped at $20.00.
3. Get paid by wire transfer. This option runs weekly and also hits your account directly. 

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Impact Key Facts

  • Helps centralize your social, website, and affiliate data from over 200 channels and networks, all in one place.
  • Shows where your audience spends the most time, which articles are most popular, and what parts of your site are most profitable. 
  • Helps recapture the 10% of your revenue that you are losing every month.
  • Provides live reports that tell you the whole story.

Impact Site Type Monetized

Impact helps premium news and media publishers, influencers and creators, mobile apps, content publishers, and affiliates. 

Impact FAQ is used by a variety of publishers like affiliates, influencers, mobile apps, premium news, media publishers, and content publishers. offers a customizable and streamlined contracting process that makes it easy to agree on the right terms for your business and begin working with brand partners right away.

There’s no need to implement a tag on your site. This means you can start working with your brand partners right away without any technical fuss.

You can connect with advertisers by messaging them directly from the platform. From their Joined Brand listing, select “Send Email” from their contact listing on the left hand side. If you’d rather handle the back-and-forth in your inbox, you can use the Global Search function to search "advertiser contact list," lift your desired brand's contact info, and reach out on your own.

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