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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Rakuten is a performance advertising network that provides global customer acquisition solutions. It is a global affiliate marketing network and platform that delivers the ecosystem and expertise that builds better performance. 

It is a high-performing global affiliate network that has more than 25 years of experience developing the affiliate marketing process and connects brands to their audiences. It has more than 100 in-market  experts and more than 150k top-tier partners. 

It uses advanced affiliate technology and they have the strategic expertise that brands need to get  results with data-driven insights to back it up.

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Rakuten Advertising Features and Capabilities

  • The network data eliminates performance gaps and builds new relationships with high-performing partners, and helps discover more opportunities with global benchmarking.
  • They predict performance with AI and help react quickly to changing market factors and stay ahead of competitors by uncovering the right strategies with their AI-driven forecasting and benchmarking.
  • Using the commissioning suite, you can create efficiencies and build partnerships by tailoring commissions.
  • It helps access new placement opportunities at the click of a button, complete with forecasted budgets and ROAS.
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Rakuten Advertising Key Facts

  • Rakuten is a global affiliate marketing network and platform.
  • It helps you launch your campaigns in less than a month, has more than 25 years of experience, more than 100 in-market experts and more than 150k top-tier partners. 
  • It uses advanced affiliate technology, helps discover more opportunities, and helps predict performance.

Rakuten Advertising Geos Served

You can use Rakuten and grow in various different t verticals and territories. They have more than a 100 local experts that can create and nurture partner relationships and help you expand.

Rakuten Advertising FAQ

Their full-service, hands-on team has the smarts, experience, and creativity to deliver the best strategies for new opportunities.

Their unique ecosystem of exclusive consumer brands and top-tier partners makes it easy to find and activate the highly targeted, highly valuable customers you’re looking for.

Rakuten can help you scale globally and grow in new markets, verticals and territories. Their 100+ local experts create and nurture partner relationships to support your expansion.

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