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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Indoleads stands out in the affiliate marketing industry by providing exclusive affiliate programs that cater to diverse niches, ensuring affiliates can promote high-quality goods and services. With a robust network of over 60,000 affiliates globally, Indoleads guarantees transparent tracking, timely payments, and comprehensive marketing tools. Affiliates can benefit from the platform's user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process of selecting offers, monitoring conversions, and earning commissions.

For advertisers, Indoleads offers a performance-based model that drives targeted traffic and enhances sales without upfront investment. The platform's detailed reporting system and dedicated support ensure that both affiliates and advertisers can achieve their marketing goals efficiently. Trusted by major brands such as Nike, Adobe, and Farfetch, Indoleads continues to set the standard for reliability and success in the affiliate marketing arena.

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Indoleads Products

Indoleads provides a wide range of high-quality affiliate marketing products designed to help affiliates boost their earnings and engagement.

  • Exclusive Offers: Indoleads features exclusive affiliate programs from top brands like Walmart and Corsair, offering competitive commissions and high conversion rates.

  • Diverse Product Categories: The platform includes a variety of categories such as eCommerce, travel, finance, and software, ensuring affiliates can find relevant products for their audience.

  • Performance-Based Payouts: Indoleads emphasizes pay-for-performance models, ensuring affiliates are compensated based on the results they drive, with clear and transparent payment terms.

  • Global Reach: Indoleads works with over 60,000 affiliates worldwide, providing products and offers tailored to different regional markets to maximize global earning potential.

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Indoleads Features and Capabilities

Indoleads is a comprehensive affiliate network offering a variety of features and capabilities that cater to both advertisers and affiliates, making it a top choice for those in the affiliate marketing industry. Here are few key features:

  • Diverse Commission Models: Indoleads supports multiple commission models such as CPS (Cost Per Sale), CPI (Cost Per Install), CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), and CPC (Cost Per Click), allowing affiliates to choose the best fit for their promotional strategies.

  • Extensive Offer Library: Affiliates have access to over 5,000 offers across more than eight verticals, including fashion, eCommerce, travel, and finance, from premium advertisers like Adobe, Shein, Udemy, and

  • Advanced Tools and Technology: The platform provides robust tools such as deep link builders, product feeds, discount coupon codes, clickless tracking, and comprehensive APIs to help affiliates optimize their campaigns and track performance effectively.

  • Global Reach and High Payouts: With operations in over 180 countries and a network of more than 60,000 affiliates, Indoleads facilitates high earning potential, with top affiliates earning up to $127,000 per month.

  • Responsive Support and Fraud Protection: Indoleads offers dedicated support through personal managers and employs fraud protection techniques to ensure the integrity of its network, providing affiliates with a reliable and secure platform to work with.

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Indoleads Publisher Eligibility

To become a publisher with Indoleads, individuals or entities must have a website, blog, social media profile, or other online platforms that generate traffic. They should be capable of driving sales and leads for various affiliate offers available on the network. Registration involves filling out a form and verifying the email address to get started.

Indoleads Pricing

Indoleads offers a variety of pricing models designed to suit different affiliate marketing needs. Their commissions vary based on the advertiser and the type of offer. For example, commissions for Walmart range from 1% to 4% with a 90-day payment term, while HBO Max EMEA offers commissions between EUR 2.10 and EUR 14 with a 60-day payment term​. These flexible pricing structures are tailored to maximize earnings for affiliates across different sectors, ensuring competitive and attractive terms for their marketing efforts.

Indoleads Revenue Share

Indoleads offers competitive revenue share and reliable payment processes for its affiliates. The platform features a variety of commission structures, including CPA, CPS, CPI, CPL, and CPC, ensuring flexibility for different promotional strategies. Affiliates can choose from multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and Yandex.Money, with a minimum payout threshold of $50. Payment frequencies are weekly, with terms typically being net15 or net30, ensuring timely and consistent payouts. Indoleads also supports automated invoice generation upon withdrawal requests, streamlining the payment process for affiliates.

Indoleads Ad Formats

Indoleads offers a wide array of ad formats that enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns. Here are key ad formats available on the platform:

  • Banner Ads: Indoleads provides a variety of banner ad sizes and designs that affiliates can easily integrate into their websites or blogs. These visual ads are highly effective for attracting attention and driving traffic to advertiser offers.

  • Native Ads: Designed to blend seamlessly with the content of a website, native ads on Indoleads ensure that promotional content appears as a natural part of the user experience, thereby increasing engagement and conversion rates.

  • Text Links: Simple yet powerful, text links allow affiliates to embed hyperlinks within their content, leading to advertiser sites. This format is ideal for content-driven marketing, such as blog posts and articles.

  • Pop-ups and Pop-unders: These ad formats capture user attention by appearing in a new window either above (pop-up) or below (pop-under) the current browser window. They are effective for high-visibility campaigns, although they should be used judiciously to avoid disrupting the user experience.

  • Video Ads: Leveraging the growing popularity of video content, Indoleads supports video ads that can be embedded in websites or social media platforms. These ads are highly engaging and can effectively convey complex messages or showcase products in action.

Indoleads FAQ

Indoleads is an international affiliate network that connects advertisers with publishers to promote a wide range of products and services. By offering various affiliate programs, Indoleads helps businesses increase their reach and allows publishers to earn commissions by driving traffic and sales.

Indoleads uses advanced tracking technology to monitor conversions and ensure accurate reporting. The platform employs cookies, pixel tracking, and server-to-server (S2S) tracking methods to capture and record user actions. This allows both advertisers and publishers to have real-time access to detailed performance data, ensuring transparency and reliability in commission calculations.

Indoleads offers multiple payment methods to ensure convenience for its publishers, including PayPal, Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer), Payoneer, and WebMoney. Payments are typically processed on a monthly basis, with a minimum payout threshold that publishers need to meet.

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