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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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IAS provides solutions that span media buyers and sellers, reducing discrepancies and creating a frictionless ad environment. IAS is a trusted partner of 35% of the top 150 US advertisers, so they help publishers sell with confidence. It helps control the quality of your inventory, increase revenue and save time through automation. With holistic metrics and automated optimization, publishers can eliminate impression waste and increase yield.

Integral Ad Science Features and Capabilities

  • Maximized revenue: Optimize towards business outcomes and capitalize on more inventory by delivering highly viewable, contextually relevant, and suitable impressions.
  • Actionable insights: Access custom reporting with granular campaign-level analysis, monitor ad performance in near real-time and use their data to optimize your inventory.
  • Automation and efficiency: Power your inventory to automatically optimize ad delivery down to the placement level for both direct and programmatic deals.
  • Advertiser alignment: Reduce reporting discrepancies, optimize toward marketer requirements, and create a frictionless ad environment with detailed insight into your buyers’ campaign goals.
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Integral Ad Science Key Facts

IAS provides a comprehensive publisher product suite inclusive of verification, optimization, and Context Control to help digital publishers take control of their inventory and deliver Quality Impressions.

  • Verify your inventory is viewable, fraud-free, brand safe, and suitable. Reduce friction and increase transparency with consistent, transferable, and actionable measurement. 
  • Increase yield and eliminate impression waste with automation. Exceed your advertisers’ media quality standards by optimizing ad delivery, guaranteeing safe and suitable inventory, providing contextually relevant placements, and minimizing ad fraud.
  • Increase ad performance by serving the right content, in the right environment, to the ideal audience. 

Integral Ad Science Ad Formats

  • CTV and Video
  • Programmatic
  • Proprietary platforms
  • Mobile and in-app
  • Audio

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