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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Moat helps publishers maximize the programmatic and direct inventory for the most revenue with metrics that drive home the value of the audiences and digital properties. It helps them build stronger client relationships and attract new business by reinforcing the network’s value through trusted, independent ad measurement. It helps publishers and platforms use data to optimize the inventory for maximum revenue potential and prove the value of the channels, further differentiating the solutions from competitors. It is a data-driven measurement solution that helps you better understand your visitors and their potential, validate new media channels, and build trust by ensuring valid, brand-safe, and viewable content across formats.

Moat Features and Capabilities

  • Inventory standards: Ensure that your inventory meets the buyer’s criteria.
  • Verify campaign delivery: Verify campaign delivery with a trusted and recognized partner. Go beyond standard verification. Provide measures of ad effectiveness to differentiate the story of the value that your platform delivers.
  • Measure consumer behavior: Measure consumer attention across channels, devices, and platforms.
  • Reach users across formats: View reach and frequency across TV and digital to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences with the right frequency.
  • Varying optimization techniques: Employ a range of optimization techniques to drive higher revenue and increase viewability on your platform.
  • New media channels: Validate new media channels as effective and valuable for media buyers,
  • Unified reporting: Unify reporting by drawing from a single source of truth for campaign data across the buy and sell side.
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Moat Key Facts

  • Leverage an industry-leading measurement suite backed by an expert account management team to help you verify campaigns and tell data-driven stories about the unique value of your inventory.
  • Measure across CTV, linear TV, mobile, desktop, and in-game advertising. Oracle Moat is dedicated to measuring all forms of media, and they will continue to identify new and emerging media trends in media measurement transparency.
  • Have access to the necessary tools to thrive in the modern digital advertising marketplace.
  • Protect your bottom line, safeguard your reputation, and generate insights that inform actions with Oracle Moat’s award-winning technologies.
  • Establish creditability and bolster trust with advertisers and clients through independent measurement.
  • Measure ad performance beyond verification with detailed attention analytics that reveals the true efficacy of campaigns.

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