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Jeeng Description

Jeeng is an ad network solution that assists digital publishers in monetizing their content and increasing end-user engagement through automated and personalized cross-channel messaging.

To further illustrate, consider any website where you might read material online, such as news, sports, cultural, or hobby website. Usually, you interact with that brand by visiting their website or clicking on the content they distribute via a messaging service like email. The company assists those publishers in personalizing the content you receive, which strengthens your relationship with the publisher and encourages you to return.

Instead of sending subscribers generic content that doesn't meet their interests, the platform learns about their interests, organizes the publisher's content, and automatically sends the appropriate content to the appropriate subscriber. Its business strategy is distinctive in that it also offers a means of making money from that material. In other words, because they allow the publisher to profit from advertising, they don't even have to compensate them for the service.

Jeeng Features and Capabilities

Jeeng Key Facts

Drop personalized ads, optimized for each subscriber, into existing channels to drive new revenue. Jeeng monetization works across email, push notifications, and even your website.

Jeeng Ad Formats

Jeeng offers the following ad formats:
Email Ads: These ads are sent on emails where the recipient has given permission to receive promotional messages.
Push Notification Ads: These ads are delivered to the user's device via a website/ app via notifications.
Web Ads: These are ads where Internet is used to promote products and services to audiences.

Jeeng Faq