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Advertising Disclosure

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LosPollos is a premier affiliate marketing network known for its Smartlink technology, which dynamically optimizes offers based on user location, device, and other parameters. This ensures maximum conversion rates for affiliates. With over 50,000 publishers and 1,000 advertisers, LosPollos facilitates more than 3 million monthly conversions, making it a robust platform for monetizing traffic from over 200 countries. The network supports various verticals, including dating, adult gaming, health, finance, and gambling, providing a diverse range of opportunities for affiliates.

The affiliate marketing industry is rapidly growing, with global spending expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2024. LosPollos stands out in this competitive landscape by offering exclusive and direct offers with high payouts. Their Smartlink technology, praised for its efficiency, ensures that each visitor is presented with the most relevant offer, significantly improving conversion rates. Additionally, LosPollos boasts a user-friendly interface and provides real-time statistics, making it easier for affiliates to track performance and optimize their campaigns effectively. With an extensive support system and continuous innovation, LosPollos remains a top choice for affiliates looking to maximize their revenue

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Lospollos Products

  • SmartLink Technology: LosPollos uses advanced SmartLink technology that automatically optimizes traffic by redirecting users to the best-matching offers based on their attributes like device and location. This ensures higher conversion rates and increased profits for both affiliates and advertisers.

  • Diverse Verticals: LosPollos supports various high-performing verticals such as dating, crypto, and gambling. With access to over 1,000 advertisers and numerous offers, affiliates can target niche markets and maximize their earnings.

  • Advanced Tracking: The platform provides robust tracking options, including integration with popular third-party trackers. Affiliates can track performance in real-time using postback and subaccount features, ensuring they have detailed insights to optimize their campaigns.

  • Global Reach: LosPollos accepts traffic from over 200 countries, giving affiliates the ability to monetize a global audience. The platform supports multiple traffic sources including social networks, push notifications, and email newsletters, broadening the scope for revenue generation.

  • User-Friendly Platform: Designed for ease of use, the LosPollos platform is multilingual and functional, featuring a comprehensive dashboard with real-time statistics. Affiliates benefit from a blog with expert recommendations, case studies, and 24/7 support from personal account managers, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.

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Lospollos Features and Capabilities

  • AI-Powered Traffic Optimization: LosPollos uses AI-driven algorithms to analyze and optimize traffic in real-time, ensuring each visitor is matched with the highest-converting offer, boosting affiliate earnings and campaign efficiency.

  • Global Traffic Acceptance: The platform accepts traffic from over 200 countries, providing affiliates with a vast international audience to monetize. This broad reach allows for diverse traffic sources and higher revenue potential.

  • Real-Time Performance Tracking: Affiliates can access detailed, real-time analytics to monitor clicks, conversions, and revenue. This immediate insight helps in making quick adjustments to improve campaign performance.

  • Extensive Support and Resources: LosPollos offers 24/7 support, dedicated account managers, and a comprehensive resource library, including blogs and case studies, to help affiliates optimize their strategies and maximize their earnings.

Lospollos Payment Info

LosPollos pays affiliates weekly on Tuesdays, supporting multiple payment methods including Paxum, PerfectMoney, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT (TRC20), and wire transfers. Minimum payouts are $100 for most methods, and $1,000 for bank transfers.

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LosPollos serves global traffic.

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Lospollos Revenue Share

In the affiliate marketing landscape, revenue share models typically offer a percentage of the net revenue generated by their referrals. This can range from 10% to 80%, depending on the quality and amount of traffic you drive. LosPollos offers competitive revenue shares for affiliates, with payouts tailored to performance and traffic quality. Affiliates can expect attractive rates, boosting earnings significantly.

Lospollos Ad Formats

  • Banner Ads: LosPollos provides high-impact banner ads designed to capture user attention and drive clicks, enhancing visibility and engagement on your site.

  • Native Ads: Seamlessly integrated native ads match the look and feel of the host content, boosting user engagement and click-through rates by providing a non-intrusive advertising experience.

  • Pop-Under Ads: Effective pop-under ads that appear behind the active window, ensuring high visibility without interrupting the user’s browsing experience, resulting in better conversion rates.

  • Push Notifications: Reach users directly on their devices with push notification ads, delivering timely and engaging messages that keep users connected even when they're not actively browsing.

  • Interstitial Ads: Full-screen interstitial ads displayed at natural transition points, such as between content pages, ensuring maximum user attention and driving higher conversion rates.

Lospollos FAQ

LosPollos supports several payment methods including Paxum, PerfectMoney, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT (TRC20), and wire transfers. Weekly payouts are made every Tuesday, with minimum thresholds of $100 for most methods and $1,000 for bank transfers.

To monetize your traffic, simply place a LosPollos smartlink on your site or traffic source. The smartlink will automatically direct users to the most suitable offers, maximizing conversion rates.

A smartlink is a versatile link that optimizes traffic monetization by dynamically matching users to the best available offers in real-time, increasing conversions and revenue.

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