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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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PopMyAd's monetization solutions are the ultimate platform for content publishers and website owners. Publishers can generate profit from every visitor and advertiser; they have the best solutions available for your needs.

PopMyAds is the best popunder ad network with a monthly traffic of more than 300 millions.  With over 200,000 parties using PopMyAds, it takes immense pride in offering the best international traffic as it pays publishers for each visitor.

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Global Fill Rates
Brand Safe
Referral Program
Excellent Client Service

PopMyAds Features and Capabilities

    • Publishers are offered global ad inventory coverage with immense fill rates by PopMyAds
    • Offers industry-leading rates and the best international traffic coverage.
    • Helps easily analyze your profits while keeping the interface simple and clean with their publisher’s panel.
    • Offers full-time dedicated account managers and 24/7 support; you can easily get in touch with us
    • Offers clean ads as they test the campaign landing pages multiple times every day.
    • Offers real-time statistics and provides powerful tools to analyze your income.

PopMyAds Payment Info

PopMyAds processes payments within 24 hours after a request via PayPal or Payza, with the minimum payout threshold being USD 5 for PayPal and Payza and USD 500 for Wire Transfer.

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PopMyAds Key Facts

  • PopMyAds is a leading pop-under ad network that promises high fill rates and CPMs. 
  • Publishers can use PopMyAds to target audiences on the basis of browser, country, frequency cap, source and OS.
  • PopMyAds has an innovative anti-fraud system that removes the invalid and low quality traffic to help you monetize only through quality traffic. 

PopMyAds Publisher Eligibility

PopMyAds does not have any traffic requirements for publishers to join. But there are some things that need to be followed. Although they allow adult websites, it prohibits content like child pornography, terrorist, and other such prohibited content. If the publisher is already working with AdSense, you will be allowed to show only 3 pop-up ads or pop-under ads. The websites cannot have any kind of fake traffic.

PopMyAds FAQ

PopMyAds monetizes websites from all niches including arts and entertainment, computer electronics and adult content. Publishers can use it for both mobile and desktop websites.

Rates are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like the visitor's country, your website quality and niche and even the day of the week and time of the day. Their automated bidding system ensures that publishers get the maximum revenue possible.

If they are in working hours, it will take less than 24 hours, but outside working hours, on weekends or in holidays, it may take up to 48 hours.

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