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Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site. provides a user-friendly platform that empowers affiliates and webmasters to capitalize on push subscriptions for enhanced revenue streams. With, you can effortlessly set up and manage your push notification campaigns, utilizing a range of revenue models like CPS (Cost Per Subscription) and Revshare (Revenue Share) to maximize your earnings.

One of the standout features of is its additional monetization capabilities. By integrating the ProPush tag into your landing page, you can tap into a new revenue stream generated by push subscribers from your traffic. This innovative approach complements your existing campaigns, ensuring a smooth user experience while significantly boosting your overall profitability. Take advantage of's comprehensive analytics and customizable settings to optimize your push notification strategy and unlock the full potential of your traffic monetization efforts.

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Quick Setup
High CPMs
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Excellent Client Service Products

  • RevShare: Monetize your website or landing page effortlessly with's flexible revenue models. Earn through Cost Per Subscription (CPS) rates or Revenue Share (RevShare) for push notifications sent to your subscriber base. With a focus on easy setup and lucrative payouts, minimizes the need for extensive IT team involvement, making it a seamless solution for publishers looking to monetize their online traffic.
  • TrafficBack: Capitalizing on exit traffic is crucial for maximizing revenue from your website. This feature offers a strategic way to monetize users who decline subscriptions or close the subscription window. By targeting these users, you can optimize your earnings and capture profits from visitors who don't convert immediately. This deliberate approach ensures that you make the most of every visitor, boosting your revenue streams effectively.
  • ProPush tag: Boost your profits further by using the ProPush tag on your landing pages. This innovative feature allows you to collect push subscribers from your traffic without disrupting your main conversion flow. By integrating the ProPush tag, you can increase your campaign profitability by up to 35%, making a valuable tool for website monetization. Software Images Features and Capabilities offers a range of features and capabilities to enhance website and landing page monetization:

  • Flexible Revenue Models: Choose from Cost Per Subscription (CPS) rates or Revenue Share (RevShare) for push notifications sent to your subscriber base, allowing you to tailor your monetization strategy to your needs.
  • Easy Setup:'s platform is designed for simplicity, making it easy for publishers to get started with monetizing their traffic without requiring extensive technical expertise
  • TrafficBack: Capture revenue from exit traffic with's TrafficBack feature, ensuring that you maximize your earnings from every visitor to your site.
  • Extra-Monetization: Utilize the ProPush tag on your landing pages to collect push subscribers from your traffic without disrupting your main conversion flow, boosting your campaign profitability by up to 35%.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights into your push subscription campaigns with's comprehensive analytics, allowing you to optimize your strategy for maximum revenue generation.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailor your push subscription campaigns to your specific needs with's customizable settings, ensuring that you can optimize your monetization strategy for the best results.
  • High Payouts: offers competitive payouts for push subscriptions, allowing you to maximize your revenue potential.
  • Minimal IT Involvement:'s platform is designed to minimize the need for extensive IT team involvement, making it easy for publishers to monetize their traffic effectively. Payment Info offers publishers two lucrative payment models: Revenue Share, where you earn from push notifications sent to your subscriber database based on traffic quality and geos, and Cost Per Subscriber (CPS), paying for each unique user subscribing to push notifications. Enjoy weekly payments via Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, wire transfers in EUR and USD, or WebMoney. There's a $100 minimum withdrawal for most methods, but bank transfers require a $500 minimum. ensures timely payments, with the first payout issued after 14 days of work.

Have you used the software before? Key Facts

  • Founded in 2019
  • Publishers are paid for push notifications delivered to their subscriber database, with income tied to traffic quality and geographical targeting
  • Publishers earn for each unique user who subscribes to push notifications on their websites or landing pages.
  • With, publishers can experience dynamic revenue growth as their income increases with the number of subscribers brought in by their traffic Publisher Eligibility requires publishers to have a website or landing page for push notifications, comply with terms and content guidelines, and follow traffic quality standards. Apply for the CPS model by gathering 5000+ daily subscriptions for 3-5 days, after which evaluates your traffic for eligibility. This process ensures effective monetization while maintaining subscriber quality. Pricing offers two payment models: Revenue Share, based on push notifications sent to your subscriber database, and Cost Per Subscriber (CPS) for each unique subscriber. Enjoy weekly payouts through Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, wire transfers in EUR and USD, or WebMoney, with a $100 minimum withdrawal for most methods (excluding bank transfers, which require a $500 minimum). The first payout is issued after 14 days of work, ensuring timely payments. Revenue Share offers a lucrative revenue-sharing model, compensating users for each push notification delivered to their subscriber base. Your earnings are directly linked to the quality of traffic and the geographical locations (GEOs) targeted. Plus, as your traffic generates more subscribers, your income grows dynamically. Ad Formats is dedicated to empowering publishers with a suite of innovative products designed to enhance website engagement, boost repeat visitors, and establish audience ownership. Explore the range of engagement formats tailored to drive increased traffic to your site.

  • Push notifications: Publishers can monetize their traffic by displaying push notifications to their subscribers. These notifications can contain messages, links, or images, making them a versatile and effective way to engage with audiences and generate revenue.
  • In-Page Push Ads: Similar to push notifications, these ads appear within the webpage itself, offering a less intrusive yet effective way to engage users with targeted messages. FAQ offers quick withdrawals with a $100 minimum for all methods except bank transfers, which have a $500 minimum and a $50 fee for withdrawals under $1000. Enjoy weekly payments via Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, wire transfers in EUR and USD, or WebMoney.

Working with is exceptionally easy. Here’s how it’s done: Register with (that was obvious, right?) Create a Smart tag and add it to your landing page or pre-lander Monitor performance, optimize, and make money (profit!) We even have a super-detailed quick start guide where you can find comprehensive instructions on how to integrate everything and enjoy additional profits.

If you have a website, landing page or even a pre-lander with certain traffic volumes (that’s important), then is the right option for you. Our platform helps get extra profits from push subscribers collected from your traffic. Alternatives