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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Pushly gives publishers a direct, one-on-one, and ad-free engagement platform. It provides publishers with cutting-edge tools to maximize control over the dissemination of their material. They make it easy for publishers to engage with users after they leave their websites and to conveniently inform them when there is new content to share. They work hand-in-hand with the publishers to generate web push strategies to distribute content, boost subscriber retention, and drive revenue growth. Pushly gives publishers a complete view of audience member attention, consumption habits, passions, engagement, and more to drive smarter, deeper, more effective push targeting and response. 

Pushly Features and Capabilities

Pushly helps transform audience attention into retention and revenue with the following features:

  • Alerts: Sends alerts that matter the most. 
  • Attention: Draws attention to what is truly important. 
  • Loyalty: Ignites loyalty and brand content. 
  • First-party data: Provides first-party data that drives return visits, increases subscription rates and generates multi-channel revenue
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Pushly Key Facts

Pushly is a push notification platform that helps publishers find an easy way to stay in touch with users after they leave the websites and easily inform them when new content becomes available. 

Pushly Ad Formats

Pushly works with push notification ads.

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