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Advertising Disclosure

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Are you tired of fixing broken websites? Do you want to protect your content from malware? Are you looking for an easy way to create high performing and scalable static websites without compromising functionality? Congratulations! You have found yourself at the right place. Strattic takes all the speed, security, and flexibility that developers love in WordPress and makes it possible to host a static website. It also helps to remove the dynamic functionality and database so that your content is always up-to-date but always secure. Strattic is an intuitive WordPress hosting platform for creating static websites. Our platform takes care of everything for you - it's fast, scalable, and secure. Your WordPress site will be hosted on our 100% bare metal infrastructure with no virtualization or shared resources.

Strattic is free headless drag & drop website creation for developers, marketers and designers. It provides a fast, scalable and secure frontend that works seamlessly with your existing WordPress content. Open-source code allows you to customize it just the way you want to. With Strattic, you can build custom websites in minutes.

Quick Facts
Backup and Restore
Free SSL
Free CDN
Dos Protection

Strattic Products

Strattic is an enterprise-grade award-winning WordPress hosting solution that is designed to meet the needs of your business.

Strattic Features and Capabilities

  • The fastest possible performance
  • Secure and scalable infrastructure
  • Create and host a new site in just 5 minutes -Support for all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more
  • Built-in SEO capabilities with the help of microdata markup -100% free open source frontend that works seamlessly with your existing
  • WordPress content
  • No Coding Required
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Hosted on Bare Metal Servers with Full SSL Support and HTTP/2 support
  • Create custom websites in minutes
  • Host your own website with a free SSL certificate
  • Add pages, posts and media using your existing WordPress content.
  • No coding required
  • Use the drag & drop editor to build your site. - Easy to use and fast platform for creating static websites
  • 100% bare metal infrastructure with no virtualization or shared resources
  • Advanced caching system for faster load times and reduced CPU usage
  • Open source code allows you to customize it just the way you want to
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Strattic Key Facts

Strattic is an all-in-one static site generation and hosting platform that instantly optimizes WordPress by converting it to a static architecture. With Strattic, content managers and marketers can continue to manage content in WordPress as usual, while developers get the benefits of a fully headless website.

Strattic Pricing

Strattic helps you get your static WordPress website and offers bulletproof static security, lightning fast static performance and effortless static scaling for traffic boosts and these are the plans:

  • The Professional plan is ideal for small businesses and will cost you USD 166 per month.
  • The Business plan is ideal for growing businesses and will cost you USD 416 per month.
  • The Enterprise plan is a custom plan that is a solution tailored to your needs.

Strattic FAQ

Yes, you can use the drag & drop editor to build your site.

Yes, you can use any valid domain name for your website.

Yes, every site comes with its own free SSL certificate.

A static website is a collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files that are built once and then delivered to users without any extra processing. Static sites are great for blogs, personal websites and landing pages because they’re easy to create and manage.

Because this sites are built with a user-friendly drag & drop editor, they’re easy to build and maintain. You can host your own website on Strattic buy just following some easy steps.