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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Truvid is a video technology platform that uplifts creators and connects them with audience globally via their advanced video distribution tools and an extensive publisher network. Especially useful for publishers who are looking to optimise their monetization, the fully customizable video player and a diverse ad-supported video library by Truvid can convert casual users into loyal daily visitors. Publishers can benefit from the fully-customizable and easy-to-integrate video player, the free content library and brand safe advertising partners.

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
Brand Safe

Truvid Products

  • Seamlessly-integrated, premium videos: Offers seamlessly-integrated, premium videos that align with your brand with advanced analytics to maximize engagement and optimize user experience. 
  • Ad-supported videos: Helps generate a new stream of revenue using ad-supported videos to drive strong engagement.
  • Professional content library: Offers millions of professionally created, filtered and pre-licensed videos in 28 languages that are brand safe and ensures quality.
  • Engaging ad units: Offers the most engaging video format to delivery high ROI and increase viewability by 50-60%.
  • Advanced video tools: Offers cutting-edge technology and tools to elevate content strategy, customize your feed and promote your articles in-video.
  • Superior video experience: Helps discover the power of video content that can increase user engagement and page views.

Truvid Features and Capabilities

  • Optimize user experience: Offers premiu videos in consonance with your brand, one-tag integration and advanced analytics to increase engagement and create a seamless experience.
  • Diversify revenue: Helps add videos to your site without an upfront cost or commitment and unlock a fresh stream of revenue. 
  • Monetize content from leading creators: Offers a content library with millions of professionally created videos from premium partners on a customizable player to ensure quality.
  • Advanced and engaging video formats: Offers formats that will deliver high ROI and they will also connect you with their brand-safe ad marketplace.
  • Cutting edge technology: Helps customize your feed, promote articles with AI Article Recommendation and offers seamless integration.

Truvid Payment Info

Truvid offers various payment options wherein publishers can choose whether they wish to be paid on a net-30, net-15 or net -7 day basis or bi-weekly. The publishers can expect a payment only after they have reached the minimum payout threshold of USD 250 via Paypal and Wire Transfer.

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Truvid Key Facts

  • Truvid works with high-quality video content that creates value in the audiences lives and they prioritize content quality that leads to revenue growth.
  • Truvid offers a suite of video and monetization technology to its publisher partners to increase engagement and revenue. 
  • As a publisher, Truvid offers a unique threefold solution to you wherein you can use video content to grow revenue, engagement and reach. Publishers can adopt native video solutions to increase audience consumptions and publishers can get a complete video package.

Truvid Publisher Eligibility

Publishers must have atleast 100k monthly visitors or about 300k monthly pageviews. This is the entry level publisher traffic threshold that is generally recommended for the optimization process to take effect. This threshold can be beneficial to both parties as it is a good starting point to scale revenue. 

Truvid Revenue Share

As a publisher, you can generally expect a flat or tiered revenue share of 70-85% in accordance with the traffic volume and services offers. Generally, ad monetization platforms take about 15-20% of the total generated revenue. Irrespective of that, publishers can witness a minimum of 30% revenue uplift without fail and if that is not visible, they must initiate negotiations.

Truvid Ad Formats

Truvid offers publishers access to the most advanced and engaging video ad formats that the industry has to offer. These ad formats not only enhance user experience but aso increase viewability by 50-60%. Among other video ad formats available on Truvid, there is video discovery, instream and outstream ads.

Truvid FAQ

Yes. One can use the truvid media player without video content and would be use with their in-article ad unit.

The Truvid library has a range of categories like entertainment, gossip, news and politics, health, DIY and business.