6 Best Programmatic Audio Advertising Platforms and Companies

Last Updated: March 21, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Digital audio ads, increased audio content consumption, streaming services and such are completely changing the advertising landscape and turning us all towards audio advertising solutions. Programmatic advertising has witnessed major success in all areas of advertising, and there is no doubt that programmatic audio has enormous potential.

Digital audio advertising serves ads within the audio context while users listen to podcasts or digital radio.

Programmatic includes all the processes that go through an automated system. Programmatic advertising uses technology and automates ads' selling process and insertion into audio content like podcasts, radio, and music streaming services.

Programmatic audio advertising is the way of ad insertion via automated placement on the online audio mediums like podcasts, music streaming services, and such. We have listed some of the best programmatic audio advertising platforms and companies to help work out an audio advertising campaign.

  • Best Programmatic Audio Advertising Platforms
    • 1. Spotify
    • 2. Basis
    • 3. AudioGO
    • 4. Audio.ad
    • 5. Audion
    • 6. Frequency Ads

Benefits of Programmatic Audio Advertising Platforms 

The full potential of audio advertising has not yet been discovered, but it poses numerous advantages. 

Music streaming services are becoming very popular. Spotify alone has 100 million users worldwide. Of that, only 83 million are paying subscribers, and the remaining 17 million are non-paying subscribers who listen to ads. This is excellent because advertisers do not have to compete for the consumer’s attention; they cannot listen to anything else while the audio is rolling, and the engagement is higher.

Mobile primarily drives programmatic audio. It is reported that the users of mobile devices spend about a fourth of their time listening to some form of audio like music, podcast, or other audio. Generally, these apps require users to log in, so advertisers can base the marketing on people and be less reliant on cookies. This will help reach the target audience seamlessly.

Most people listen to audio using headphones, creating an intimate bond between the brands and the listeners. This helps advertisers make sure that their message gets through and that the message can be personalized. 

Audio ads are free of distractions. Podcasts are considered mediums free of distraction because they can reach people in situations no other media can. People are generally using ad-blocking tools to block display ads. This cannot be done with audio ads and presents advertisers with an undeniable advantage.

How to Choose the Best Programmatic Audio Advertising Platform?

All advertisers have unique needs that cannot be equated with any other advertiser. All platforms have a unique way of providing to the advertisers, and what worked for one of the advertisers might not be effective for others. That essentially means that one platform cannot be the best programmatic audio advertising platform for all advertisers. One of the best ways to rule out others and find the best-suited platform is to test and experiment with them and analyze their results. 

6 Best Programmatic Audio Advertising Platforms and Companies

Here we have listed the best programmatic audio advertising platforms and companies you can rely on.

1. Spotify

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This audio format is not visible to ad blockers, which ensures that publishers do not lose revenue, and it also provides the highest levels of CPM.

Similar to rewarded video ads, here, after the audio commercial is completed, the user receives the promised in-game incentive.

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