7 Best AI Content Detector Tools [Free and Paid]

Last Updated: July 11, 2023
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In the competitive content market, using AI-written content might pose several risks. AI models such as Chat GPT have led to an increase in the usage of machine-generated content.  However, your AI-produced content might match with others. The information you extract from an AI may be inaccurate and shallow. While AI tools are a great time saver, these drawbacks can cost you a lot as most businesses prefer publishing unique, updated, and relevant content.

  • 7 Best AI Content Detector Tools [Free and Paid]
    • 1. Sapling
    • 2. Originality.ai
    • 3. Gptzero.me
    • 4 .Contentatscale.ai
    • 5. Gowinston.ai

How Does AI Content Impact Your SEO Ratings?

The one Google algorithm you should keep in mind is the SEO of your content which is determined by the right keywords, citation listings, meta tags, readability, domain links, accessibility etc. 

Google, in its recent report named “Google Search's guidance about AI-generated content”, claims that it prefers original content which is high quality and demonstrates the following features - experience, expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness. 

While Google remained unchanged in its policy about how the quality of the content is more important than how the content is produced, the company was also transparent that using automation or AI to generate content to manipulate SEO ranking in the search results is a direct violation of their spam policies. 

In a nutshell, Google rewards the production of original, high-quality content and using AI responsibly is not against its guidelines. However, this does not take away the anxiety of business owners about their SEO rankings. So, here is a comprehensive list of AI tools to help you detect any AI-generated content that might pull down your SEO rankings.

7 Best AI Content Detector Tools

Find out the best features of these AI Content Detector tools and determine how they work,  what are their quirks, and if they suit your needs.

1. Sapling


Sapling’s ongoing project is to assist business communications with the help of AI. Saopling aims to improve communication between business teams and their clients and make it more efficient and fruitful. Sapling AI detector uses a machine learning system to detect AI-generated content. Most AI-generated content comes from models such as ChatGPT or GPT-3.5. So, when presented with the content, AI detectors calculate the probability of each word being AI-generated. 

Key Features:

  • Sapling has more than 97% accuracy in detecting AI-generated content, while below 3% of the results might be false positives. So, it is advised that you check with other AI detectors as well. 
  • The Sapling free version allows you to check for 2000 characters which equals 400 to 500 words simultaneously. To check for more extended text versions, you can use the Pro and Enterprise Sapling subscriptions to check 8000 characters at a time. 
  • Language models are increasingly becoming advanced daily with OpenAI GPT-4 or Anthropic Claude entering the market. But they usually use similar datasets and machine learning systems on which all language models are generally trained. So, Sapling AI should perform equally well with the advanced language models. 
  • Sapling AI updates its detector regularly and re-trains it to keep it up to pace with the new models.

Pricing: They have a free plan that provides basic suggestions. The pro plan, which starts at $25 per month, comes with premium features and a chat assistant. Additionally, they have an enterprise plan for the business, and the pricing is tailored. 

2. Originality.ai

Built by an expert team adept in content marketing and AI skills, Originality.ai brings you the best solutions to plagiarism problems. If you want to ensure that your content is original, unique and written by a human rather than AI, Originality.ai is your best go-to AI detector. It is one of the best AI detectors for language models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard, explicitly designed for SEO experts and content marketers. 

With Originality.ai, you only get accurate AI detection, plagiarism checker, readability score, team management tools, AI detection API, and shareable reports. Originality.ai features are detailed below.

Key Features:

  • You can now detect any AI-generated content or plagiarised content and protect your site from future Google updates regarding automation. 
  • Originality.ai bulk site scan helps you scan the entire site to help you understand the risks of spammy AI content that can violate Google’s automation policies. 
  • With Originality.ai’s services, you can rank your website high on the Google Search Engine. You can also use the Originality.ai readability feature.
  • With Originality.ai’s AI use, you can now manage both writer's and client’s expectations.
  • You can add Originality.ai’s free Chrome extension to prove that all false positives are wrong. Originality.ai’s false positive rates are as low as 2.5%.
  • As a business owner, you can gain complete control over your organisation’s editorial process and insist on more originality and uniqueness in the content. 
  • With Originality.ai’s readability feature, you can create top-ranking content for your client.
  • An effective way to bypass detector tools is by using paraphrases with the help of Quillbot, but Originality.ai can detect that and keeps your content plagiarism free. 

Pricing: Originality.ai offers its services at $0.01 per 100 words. This plan also offers you an unlimited number of scans, websites and unlimited team member subscriptions with plagiarism detection facilities as well. 

3. Gptzero.me

Focusing mainly on educators as their clients, Gptzero.me offers various services ranging from highlighted plagiarised portions of the content to uploading multiple files at once to your entire classroom. The Gptzero.me AI detection model has seven components to detect if AI creates content. This multi-layered approach helps you achieve accurate predictions. 

Key Features:

  • There are seven parts to Gptzero.me AI detection. Gptzero.me education model is trained with data which is helpful for students and prevents them from resorting to AI for educational assignments.
  • The Internet Text Search feature checks for any matching content in texts in Internet archives. 
  • Through the Burstiness feature, the AI detector tool can analyse how similar the content is to any AI writing pattern. Human-written content does not have a consistent tone and style, whereas AI-written content keeps them consistent.
  • The GPTZeroX feature is a sentence-by-sentence highlighting and classification model that analyses each line for AI content creation.
  • The GPTZero Shield feature does not let standard AI by-passing methods get through Gptzero.me AI detection system.
  • The Perplexity tool of Gptzero.me takes advantage of AI generative tendencies. Like other language models, Gptzero.me has its model, which suggests words based on the content and then checks whether these suggestions match the content provided for checking. 
  • Deep learning is a method that Gptzero.me employs to check massive contents drawn from web and education databases. 

Pricing: Gptzero.me has both free and paid plans. The free plan has a limit of 5000 characters per document, and you can upload only 3 files maximum. The Educator plan costs $9.99 per month and allows you 50,000 characters per document with unlimited batch uploads amounting to one million words per month. In contrast, the Pro Plan ($19.99 per month) lets you have the same benefits as the Educator plan, along with a 2 million word limit per month and access to the GPTZero premium AI detection model. The API access gives you even better services, the subscription starts from $14.99 monthly. 

4. Contentatscale.ai

Having been trained on a vast database, Contentatscale’s AI checker can accurately predict the most probable word choices, tone, and sentence structures an AI language model can create. Unlike most AI detectors that run on outdated language generators, Contentatscale.ai can efficiently check for plagiarism from all GPT versions, including the popular GPT 4 and provides a more transparent scoring than other AI detector tools. 

Key Features:

  • Contentatscale.ai has its own content generator that makes use of three AI components, namely NLP, SERP, and semantic analysis algorithms.
  • Through the use of these generative AI algorithms, you can now detect if your content is AI-created. Moreover, the NLP technology gives you amazing speed and accuracy. 
  • By using these, Contentatscale.ai has developed a free AI detection tool that you can use without any charge.
  • In Contentatscale.ai, you can check various types of content, namely - SEO, Marketing, Educational, and Academic. 

Pricing: You receive Contentatscale.ai AI detector services at zero cost. Contentatscale.ai lets you check 25,000 words at a time. 

5. Gowinston.ai

Gowinston.ai provides users with quick scan features to check if humans or robots have written the uploaded content. The Gowinston.ai AI detector software helps users to upload and organize their files quickly and efficiently. Google can pull down your SEO ranking if it detects your content is AI-written. So,  Gowinston.ai helps you detect AI content and plagiarised content. The labelling feature also gives your uploaded document a title and author name and helps you retrieve them by copy-pasting. 

Key Features:

  • The OCR (Optional Character Recognition) technology of Gowinston.ai helps you smoothly extract texts from the documents that are scanned. Scanned documents can include pictures and even text written by hand. You can upload your documents in any of the following formats - .docx, .pdf, .png, and .jpg. 
  • Gowinston.ai detector lets you know, on a scale of 0 to 100, the odds of AI writing the content. 
  • The report generated by Gowinston.ai can be easily used for your own records.
  • Gowinston.ai can detect content generated by AI language models, including ChatGPT.

Pricing: Gowinston.ai has several pricing plans and a free plan that offers up to a 2000 words scan. An essential plan of $12 a month offers up to 80,000 words scan. For custom word scans, you can contact Gowinston.ai. 

These AI content detector tools, by using detection tools like Google, will provide you with a number on the scale showing you the probability of the content being written by AI. These tools allow you to rank high on search engines like Google. Most of the time, AI detector tools also help you fact-check and help with general plagiarism concerns. These tools offer free and paid plains that you can avail of according to your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Any time you post AI-generated content or if you want to check whether your freelance content writer or student has used AI, you can use the above-listed AI detection tools.

These tools derive information from a large database and then use it to generate words and check whether they match the content uploaded. Moreover, they check the tone, grammar, and relevancy of content. 

All the above-listed AI detector tools provide accurate results, but Contentatscale.ai is voted as the best among them.

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