5 Best CPM Ad Networks in the UK

Last Updated: March 16, 2024
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Advertising Disclosure

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Ad networks act as intermediaries between the publishers and advertisers and facilitate the connection to host ad slots and sell ad spaces across websites. The UK is a tier-one country and if a publisher has significant traffic from there, he is more likely to get paid well for it. The CPM model is one of the most used models as it helps publishers generate revenue by simply showing ads on their website. Check out the best CPM ad networks in the UK currently and compare them with your needs.

  • 5 Best CPM Ad Networks in the UK
    • Why Do Bloggers in the UK Need CPM Ad Networks?
    • 5 Best CPM Ad Networks in the UK
    • 1. Setupad 
    • 2. iZooto
    • 3. Ezoic
    • 4. Sulvo
    • 5. Teads
    • 6. How to Choose the Best CPM Ad Networks in the UK?
    • 7. The Bottomline

Why Do Bloggers in the UK Need CPM Ad Networks?

CPM or cost per mile ad networks mean that publishers are paid for every thousand impressions and it is quite an advantage for them because they get higher clicks from generated impressions. It is highly used for brand-awareness campaigns. The bloggers in the UK need and use CPM ad networks for the following reasons:

  • Allows publishers to track ad performance easily
  • Publishers are paid every time the page loads, irrespective of the number of click
  • Publishers with high volume of traffic are guaranteed good payours
  • Generally, the threshold traffic eligibility islower which allows small publishers to use the model too  

The 5 Best CPM Ad Networks in the UK:

Check out this list of the best CPM ad networks in the UK that will help you monetize your websites efficiently.

1. Setupad

One of the best known monetization platforms and CPM ad networks in the UK, Setupad is the best choice if you wish to increase your ad revenue. With their top-notch client support and top SSPs, in addition to their advanced in-house developed solutions and tools, Setupad guarantees an increase in the ad revenue for publishers. The Google Certified Publishing Partner, helps UK publishers monetize their traffic easily. 

Key Information:

  • Setupad promises a 30% increase over ad networks like AdSense and Google AdExchange.
  • Only visible advertisements are renewed thanks to Setupad's clever ad refresh technology. This makes sure that numerous ad refreshes, which can cause viewer weariness, don't lower the average eCPM.
  • To achieve higher uptime ratios and worldwide availability, Setupad's infrastructure is dispersed over Azure, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud.
  • Setupad gives publishers access to a helpful Chrome extension that gathers data on intrusive advertisements during onboarding. Publishers may now block these adverts on all platforms thanks to this.
  • Prebid Browser-side, Prebid Server-side, Open Bidding by Google, and Transparent Ad Marketplace by Amazon are the four main header auction technologies that Setupad combines.

2. iZooto

One of the best push notifications ads networks and a known CPM ad network in the UK, iZooto helps you convert your website visitors into subscribers and grow your audience. You can use the ad network to engage your audience and create a loyal base. Their retargeting solution helps increase your revenue by up to 17% and they speed up conversion to improve your ROI and drive lifetime value. 

Key Information:

  • With iZooto's web push notifications, you can create powerful notifications and customize them with ease. In addition to web push, iZooto offers app and messenger push, news hub, onsite interactions. 
  • Using iZooto, publishers can grow their revenue with push notification monetization and increase their opt-in rates by 12-15%. 
  • Use iZooto's web push notifications to turn visitors who are anonymous on your website into an audience. Establish a direct line of connection with your audience and take ownership of them.
  • By sending each user a customized push notification, iZooto allows you to establish a direct line of communication.
  • iZooto comes with built-in automated push alerts for recovering abandoned carts.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic is one of the best CPM ad networks for the UK publishers who want to maximize user experience and increase revenue from their website. The platform ensures that websites using its technologies adhere to AdSense requirements as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Ezoic assists you in strategically monetizing websites to boost income and maintain user experience. With the help of actual machine learning, they provide automatic smart decision-making that adjusts advertisements, layouts, and frameworks to maximize revenue. 

Key Information 

  • Ezoic provides access to top-performing ad partners, connects existing ad networks, automates ad testing, and unlocks more premium monetization solutions as publishers grow.
  • Ezoic's sophisticated AI removes all the guesswork through in-depth analytics, offering every visitor a better experience while increasing revenues automatically.
  • Each level offers more ad partners, the highest revenue guarantee, more perks, and progressive resources like devoted employees and subject matter experts.
  • As you develop, you may open up additional premium monetization options, link your current ad networks, automate advertising testing, and access top-performing advertising partners.
  • Ezoic makes use of powerful data science models created specifically for SEO to make it simple for websites to test and apply improved title tags.

4. Sulvo

A programmatic ad server and one of the best CPM ad networks in the UK, Sulvo helps publishers enhance ad earnings and recapture the adblock revenue, bring together buyer demands and optimize ad formats to be able to generate the highest yield. Users generally choose Sulvo-powered formats and their platform is powered by a patented container which is pretty unique in itself. 

Key Information

  • Sulvo helps you recapture your lost ad revenue with its containers. It helps your impressions stop losing revenue by recapturing adblock visits, serving special formats, and including as many of your buyers in the auction as possible. 
  • Helps use client-side, server-side, and special connectors to combine all of your demand into super-auctions.
  • Custom formats are difficult. Sulvo optimizes your stickies, interstitials, and auto-responsive units.
  • Helps use bot reporting and bot filtering tools to increase your revenue without adding any extra costs.
  • Sulvo pays publishers on a net 60-day basis, and the payment methods that they offer include Wire transfer, paper check, direct deposit, PayPal, and even Bitcoin.

5. Teads

The global media platform, Teads is one of the top CPM ad networks in the UK that connects advertisers and publishers. The network is known for their cutting-edge outstream video ad solutions that are seamlessly integrated into good content that is available on all platforms. It helps publishers monetize their operations through programmatic ads.

Key Information:

  • Offers data-driven solutions to reach 100% of your audience in the cookieless world. 
  • Helps measure and optimize what matters most from attention to action. By combining the key tech layers into one, end-to-end platform, they are able to offer superior results for advertisers and exceptional monetization for publishers
  • Offers actionable insights and using a range of tools, helps publishers optimize their ad revenue.
  • Teads' proprietary data solutions suite takes the guesswork out of your targeting strategies.
  • Offers self-serve solutions for publishers to make the most of in-article advertising.

How to Choose the Best CPM Ad Networks in the UK?

When choosing a network, publishers generally only consider CPMs, but simply considering that can be dubious because ad networks do not pay the same CPMs and there are various factors that affect revenue. So here are some other things you must consider:

  • Ad tech: The CPM you get paid is dependent on various things like the ad tech that the network supports. If a networks has the tech to support different formats, it can command higher revenue.
  • Network’s strength: There are ad networks that are better suited for specific verticals and you are guaranteed to make higher revenue if you choose it for the specified vertical.
  • The GEO: Different tier GEOs get different CPMs. 
  • Payment terms: Other than CPM, it is necessary to consider the revenue share model and the share that the network is going to keep for itself and whether or not there is a lock in period. 

The Bottomline

Every publisher is unique; they all have distinct consumers, verticals, and strategic interests. Thus, no ad network can promise a particular CPM to each and every one of its publishers. Additionally, keep in mind that the CPM is a statistic that describes a single advertisement space. But your total ad strategy determines the earnings of your entire website. If you are able to find a CPM ad networks in the UK that aligns with your needs and vertical, it would bring you higher yields. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many bloggers use multiple CPM networks to optimize revenue. However, consider the impact on user experience and ensure compliance with network policies.

Payment frequencies vary, ranging from monthly to quarterly. Choose networks with payment schedules that align with your financial goals.

Some CPM networks specialize in certain niches. Research and choose networks that cater to your blog's content and the UK audience for better results.

Yes, most CPM networks offer various ad sizes to accommodate different website layouts. Ensure compatibility with your site's design.

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