What is Programmatic Guaranteed: Benefits for Publishers

Last Updated: March 26, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Programmatic Guaranteed helps with the automation of direct sales of the reserved inventory by drawing a simple connection between you and the buyer platforms. You are in power to negotiate and finalize the details of reservation campaigns in the Ad Manager. They also streamline creative management and do away with the need to constantly deal with reconciliation and the billing and payments process.

  • What is Programmatic Guaranteed: Benefits for Publishers
    • Traditional vs. Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns

Traditional vs. Programmatic Guaranteed Campaigns

The major sales activities are the same. Some such activities may include: 

  • Prospect for business 
  • Leverage existing relationships 
  • Build relationships 
  • Identify qualified leads 
  • Position your brand, audience, and placements 

If you are directly related to a buyer, you may have an agreement that is not compliant with the general Ad Manager terms and has been made via a phone call, email, or during face-to-face interaction.

Programmatic Guaranteed’s entire process takes place in one system to make direct sales and tracking simple and also minimize the chances for human error and completely terminate post-delivery processes.

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals’ Negotiations

When you send a proposal to the buyer, the negotiations commence in Ad Manager. Alternatively, there is a submission of RFPs by the buyer to your network, and you can further negotiate.

During negotiation, the buyer and seller exchange details which include the proposal and their proposal line items.

  • Proposals bear similarities with an offer and have high-level details.
  • Very similar to line items, proposal line items have delivery details.

On agreement by both parties, the proposal is finalized. A corresponding order and line item are created by the Ad manager, which is linked with the proposal and proposal line items. For ad delivery, the order and line items are made use of. If you wish to make some alterations or changes to the campaign, you can simply reopen the proposal.

What Are The Benefits Of Programmatic Guaranteed Deals?

You have to put in some effort to get set up programmatic guaranteed with respect to connections and relationship building. It is not as easily as adding your inventory on the open market via an exchange and having advertisers bid on it. But rest assured; the effort is worth it. 

With these deals, you are able to increase your revenue as a publisher by accessing premium advertisers who are looking for a greater ad inventory volume and are paying a premium. 

This also brings security to your business because you know that the inventory is being sold at an agreed-upon price. Both the publisher and buyer commit to the deal.

Programmatic guaranteed deals undoubtedly provide tons of benefits to the publishers but can require a lot of resources, contacts, and skills that not all teams might necessarily have.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The two are very similar. In programmatic guaranteed, you and the buyer shall negotiate a price and terms for inventory that is reserved for the buyer, the publisher guarantees a certain number of impressions, and advertisers guarantee to pay a specific price. For the preferred deal, you and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for the inventory that the buyer can optionally buy, and the guarantees don't exist.

Here, the buyers agree to buy a fixed number of impressions, and the publisher agrees the deliver it for a guaranteed price. Both parties guarantee something.

Both processes are executed differently. Programmatic guaranteed requires buyers to have the whole view of the inventory and choose the ones they wish to purchase. In automated guaranteed, sellers present their inventory and the parties negotiate on a price.

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