Best SAAS Affiliate Networks and Programs

SaaS affiliate marketing is one of the most popular verticals as of now as the industry is now over USD 12 billion and is still expanding.  Given that SaaS is booming, you should jump on the bandwagon as it is predicted to reach USD 623 billion in the next couple years.

SaaS affiliate networks can help you become one of the biggest earner in the industry, primarily because of their business model that helps you earn every month. Some of the benefits of SaaS Affiliate Networks are as follows:

  • The SaaS products do not cost a lot and the commissions can range anywhere from 10% to 30% and have huge margins. The biggest plus is that the commissions are generally recurring as you get paid each month.
  • Another big advantage is that there is no physical inventory so you never have to fret about the products not being available. is the leading partnership management platform in the world, transforming how businesses are managed and enhancing all types of partnerships like traditional rewards affiliates, commerce content publishers, influencers, B2B, etc.

The high performing SAAS affiliate network, Rakuten Advertising offers it's strategic expertise and technology to helps brands get results. They have expert teams that truly delivers the best strategies for new opportunities.

How to choose the best SaaS affiliate networks?

Here are some of the things you should consider when selecting a SaaS affiliate network:

  • It is necessary to consider what the goals for the program is and whether it is to generate leads, drive traffic or generate sales. You must choose your network in accordance with that.
  • Another this to consider is the commission structure you would prefer and whether you want to get a percentage of sale or a flat fee or products and choose a network based on that.
  • It is also necessary to make sure that the program is easy to manage and does not take a lot of effort to manage.

    SaaS affiliate network helps you get a commission for each customer you bring and is comparatively less risky. It is a highly profitable vertical.

Frequently Asked Questions

To earn more, you should choose the pay-per-sale campaigns as it gets you higher commission rates and not percentage-based.

An average payout can vary according to various factors like program and value of customer and more.